Stone Broken’s Sophomore Album Proves It Was Truly Worth Making

Courtesy: Spinefarm Records By Philip Sayblack Nothing worth doing in life is ever easy.  We’ve all spoken or heard this old adage at one point or another in life.  Nothing worth doing is easy because the reward of the hard work put in toward the goal makes that work that bearable.  Ain’t Always Easy, the sophomore album from rock outfit Stone Broken is an example of the value of the ends equaling...

May 10th, 2018
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Anti-Flag Unveils New Single; Announces More Live Dates

Courtesy: Spinefarm Records By Philip Sayblack Anti-Flag has released yet another single from its latest album, American Fall. The band released the explicitly-titled song ‘Mr. Mother******.’  The song is streaming online now via Spotify, Apple Music, Google Playand all digital platforms.  It is available for purchase online via iTunes and Amazon. Guitarist Chris #2 said of the song, which...

February 23rd, 2018
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Anti-Flag Unveils New Single, Video; Announces New Live Dates

Veteran punk band Anti-Flag unveiled this week, the video for its latest single, ‘Finish What We Started.’ The band premiered the video online via website Brooklyn Vegan.  The video presents the band performing the song in a setting that is meant to look like a practice space, crossing that with statistics about gun violence, sexual violence against women, hate crimes and immigration issues. Courtesy:...

January 18th, 2018
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‘Killer Elite’ Is A “Killer” Hits Collection From Dragonforce

Courtesy: Spinefarm Records By Philip Sayblack Late this summer Dragonforce released its first-ever hits compilation for the masses in the form of Killer Elite: The Hits, The Highs, The Vids.  The British power metal outfit’s first-ever attempt at a hits compilation is in fact a “killer” collection. That is due in part to its featured songs.  That will be discussed shortly.  Just as important...

December 31st, 2016