‘Green Acres: The Complete Series’ Is A Must Have For Any Classic TV Fan

Courtesy: Shout! Factory By Philip Sayblack Shout! Factory is going “Green” next month.  That is because for the first time ever, the renowned home entertainment company will release to the masses Green Acres: The Complete Series.  The six-season set is currently expected to be released in stores and online Tuesday, Oct. 17.  Those fans who have waited for so long for its release will be happy...

September 22nd, 2017
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‘Take A Good Look The Definitive Collection’ Is A Must See For Any Student, Lover Of The Broadcast Arts, History

Courtesy: Shout! Factory/ABC By Philip Sayblack ABC’s classic panel game show Take A Good Look is one of the most important yet underappreciated programs in broadcasting history.  Shout! Factory will prove that this fall when it releases the program’s most comprehensive collection to date in the form of Take A Good Look: The Definitive Collection in stores and online.  The seven-disc collection...

September 15th, 2017
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Shout! Factory, NBC Partner To Release ‘The Good Place: Season 1’

Courtesy: NBC/Shout! Factory By Philip Sayblack Shout! Factory is taking audiences to a “Good Place” this fall. Shout! Factory will release the first season of NBC’s hit sitcom The Good Place in stores and online on Oct. 17.  The series follows protagonist Eleanor Shellstrop  (Kristen Bell-Bad Moms, Veronica Mars, Frozen) as she navigates her unexpected afterlife following a clerical error ...

September 13th, 2017
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‘Ned & Stacey: The Complete Series’ Is A Success For The Series’ Fans, Shout! Factory

Courtesy: Shout! Factory By Philip Sayblack Later this month, home entertainment company Shout! Factory will resurrect the short-lived Fox sitcom Ned & Stacy on DVD when it releases for the first time ever Ned & Stacey: The Complete Series.  While the series only ran for two seasons, it still garnered its own cult following, a following that will most assuredly appreciate this presentation. ...

September 7th, 2017
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Shout! Factory Going “Green” This Fall

Courtesy: Shout! Factory By Philip Sayblack Audiences are going to be seeing “green” this fall, and it’s in a good way. Shout! Factory will release Green Acres: The Complete Series on DVD Oct. 17, 2017.  Its release marks the first time ever that the 170-episode series has seen a full-series release. The episodes are spread across 24 discs with the box expected to retail for MSRP Of $139.99. ...

August 23rd, 2017
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Shout! Factory TV, Twitch Team Up For ‘Starcade’ Marathon

Courtesy: Shout! Factory By Philip Sayblack Shout! Factory TV has teamed with Twitch for a very special marathon. The companies have partnered for a 6-day marathon of the classic television series Starcade.  The classic 80s series, which originally aired on TBS – then WTBS — made gaming a popular spectator sport ages before it rose to its current popularity. Contestants would play a variety of...

August 17th, 2017
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