Universal Pictures’ Thompson “Bio” Is One Of Murray’s Finest Comedic Performances

Courtesy: Shout! Factory By Philip Sayblack Early this past June, Shout! Factory released to audiences what can only be described as one of the single most outrageous movies that the home entertainment company has ever put out when it made available Where The Buffalo Roam. This semi-biopic focuses on the career of the infamous journalist Hunter S. Thompson. It follows Thompson (played here by comic...

November 17th, 2017
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Former Holiday Entry ‘Trespass’ Will Entertain Audiences Looking To Get Away From The Standard Holiday Fare

Courtesy: Universal Pictures/Shout! Factory By Philip Sayblack The holiday season is officially upon us once again, and that means very soon TV networks and theaters alike will be inundated with their respective annual holiday fare.  Of course that fare, both new and old alike, is not for everyone.  Keeping this in mind, Shout! Factory has an interesting alternative for those looking to avoid that...

November 9th, 2017
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