MPI Media Group’s New ‘Donna Reed Show Set’ Is A Positive Offering For Some Viewers

Courtesy: mpi media group By Philip Sayblack The Donna Reed Show is back again…sort of. For the first time ever, mpi media group released the series’ first five seasons in one box set last month.  The final three seasons were not included in the set because mpi currently does not have the distribution rights to those seasons.  This new collection, while not a full-series set, is still a welcome...

June 2nd, 2019

MPI Media Group To Release New ‘Donna Reed Show’ Box Set

Courtesy: mpi media group By Philip Sayblack mpi media group is bringing The Donna Reed Show to DVD again. The company announced via press release on Wednesday, that it will release The Donna Reed Show: Seasons 1-5 on DVD on May 14. It marks the first time that Seasons 1-5 have ever been released on one complete set. The seasons were previously released by mpi media group in their own standalone...

April 11th, 2019

‘Dealt’ Is As Good As, And Possibly Better Than, Any Hollywood Underdog Drama

Courtesy: IFC Films By Philip Sayblack Card mechanic Richard Turner is one of the greatest and most respected figures in the world of card tricks. Turner has, for decades, wowed audiences across the country with his sleight of hand abilities, and next week, a new documentary from mpi media group and IFC Films will profile the veteran performer with a new documentary titled Dealt. The nearly 90-minute...

February 9th, 2018
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