Going Completely Off The Cuff: Matty’s Conversation with Jasen Moreno, vocalist of Drowning Pool

Contributor’s Note:  It was a blustery cold evening in Iowa and Drowning Pool is getting ready to kill yet another show in Iowa.  There’s a reason why this band has been around for as many years as they have.  The Texas natives were born and bred to play intense rock-n-roll.  They do it with cynicism and a take no prisoners attitude!  Jasen Moreno is the most recent vocalist...

March 6th, 2017
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The Not-So-Silent Night Tour Tears Up Iowa!

On a blustery cold Saturday night in Iowa, four bands decided to shake the foundation of Iowa with their collective raucous sets.  The critically acclaimed Not-So-Silent Night Tour featured Drowning Pool as the headliners, while Gemini Syndrome, 9Electric, and Red Tide Rising provided additional backup to the all-out sonic assault on Spicoli’s Rockade in Waterloo, Iowa. Denver, Colorado natives...

December 6th, 2016