‘AE: The Secret Of Tuxedo Park’ Is A Good Introduction To A Much Bigger Story That Needs To Be Told

Courtesy: PBS/Public Media Distribution By Philip Sayblack Alfred Lee Loomis is one of the most important figures from World War II. While he might not have been a four-star general, a politician or even an accomplished soldier, his story is still one that deserves to be told. It is one of a man with a great scientific mind and drive but who was also very flawed. Late last month, PBS and Public Media...

March 5th, 2018
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PBS Shares Another Important WWII Story In New “AmEx” Episode

Courtesy: PBS/Public Media Distribution By Philip Sayblack PBS and Public Media Distribution are set to share another new story from World War II with the masses next week. The story in question is that of the development of a once top secret tech that helped the Allies win the war, and it comes in the form of American Experience: the Secret of Tuxedo Park.  Set for release next Tuesday, Jan. 16...

January 12th, 2018
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