tHrOnE Debuts New Single, ‘The Fatigue’

January 18, 2019 by: admin

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By Philip Sayblack

tHrOnE premiered its new single and companion video this week from its forthcoming album.

The Hartford, CT-based group, premiered its new single ‘The Fatigue’ and its companion lyric video on Monday. The song is the lead single and album opener from the band’s as-yet untitled new album, on which the band is currently working.

The video premiered via BuzzFeed. The song itself is streaming now through various outlets here.

The musical arrangement at the foundation of ‘The Fatigue’ boasts a sound that will appeal to fans of Linkin Park and other similar acts, with its hybrid electronic/guitar-based composition.

The song’s lyrical content, which according to band member Derek Trafton explained is centered on the issue of a broken relationship, will appeal to a wide range of listeners, too.

“‘The Fatigue’ is the opening track to the new album,” Trafton said.  “This song comes from the murky area which comes after heartbreak, but before completely giving up.”

More information on ‘The Fatigue’ is available online now along with all of the group’s latest news and more at:




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