Mushroomhead’s ‘Volume III’ DVD Falls Short Of Expectations

August 18, 2018 by: admin

Courtesy: Megaforce Records

By Philip Sayblack

The wait for Mushroomhead’s new DVD Volume III is finally over.  The band’s third full-length DVD was released August 17 via Megaforce Records, and while it is an entertaining presentation, it honestly has to be said that it could have been a much better presentation.  That is not to say that the DVD is a complete loss.  It does have some positives, but it also has cons that cannot be ignored, either.  The most notable of those cons is the general lack of actual live material.  This will be discussed later.  To the positive, audiences get in this latest DVD, a full collection of the band’s most recent videos taken from singles from the band’s 2014 album The Righteous and the Butterfly in one place.  The bonus content is just as notable as the videos.  When said content is considered along with the videos and the “live” material, the end result is a presentation that while entertaining, could have been better.

Mushroomhead’s latest full-length DVD – the simply titled Volume III – is a work that has been hyped quite a bit ahead of its release on August 17.  Sadly though, for all of the hype, the DVD proves ultimately be a presentation that while entertaining, could have been much better.  Again, that is not to say that the DVD is a total loss. It does have some positives, the most notable being the music videos culled for its presentation.  The videos presented are the companions to the singles from the band’s 2014 album The Righteous and the Butterfly – ‘Qwerty,’ ‘We Are The Truth,’ ‘Devils Be Damned’ and ‘Graveyard Du Jour.’  The videos for ‘We Are The Truth’ and ‘Devils Be Damned’ were just recently debuted as part of the promotional push for the DVD.  As an added bonus (which will be discussed later), audiences get some interesting commentary on at least two of said videos and even an alternate take on another.  Again, this will be discussed later along with the rest of the DVD’s bonus content.  The videos are, in essence, the center of the DVD’s presentation.  That is because the DVD’s actual live material is very limited here.  That is the DVD’s one major negative point.

In regards to its live material, audiences get in this material, two actual live performances at the most.  The rest of the “live” material is just one big montage of the band performing live at various venues with a bunch of dizzying, fast-paced shots throughout.  On the surface, this might not seem all that important, since technically audiences are getting at least a glimpse of the band’s live show.  The problem here is that because the actual live material is limited so directly, audiences are getting more of a preview of the band’s live show than an actual representation thereof.  Considering that live shows are where musical acts of any genre get the majority of their income, getting this limited preview of the band’s live show does more of a disservice to the band (and its new DVD) than a service.  That is especially the case considering how much of the DVD’s nearly two-hour total run time is taken up with the nonstop footage of the band performing and making its way across the country.  That time would have been much better served giving a much fuller presentation of the band’s live show and keeping the behind-the-scenes tour footage limited to a minimum as bonus material.  Speaking of the bonus material, the DVD’s bonus material is its other positive.

The bonus material included in Volume III proves to be a positive because of what it adds to the DVD’s overall viewing experience.  The noted behind-the-scenes tour footage is just one of those items that makes the bonus material notable.  Audiences get to see the band offstage and on, preparing for its shows and making the most of its time on the road in various ways.  It should be noted though, that some viewer discretion is advised in regards to the bonus content.  That is because there are a number of shots included in that bonus footage of women showing their breasts for the cameras.  While brief, the shots are long enough that they cannot be ignored.  So to that end, some discretion should be used.  Getting back on the topic at hand, that footage is not the only bonus footage included in the DVD’s presentation.  Audiences also get a full alternate take of the band’s video for ‘We Are The Truth’ that is completely unlike the final product that was recently debuted.  Instead of that Evil Dead themed work, the alternate take presents the band in front of the house used in that video, performing the song together with guest/touring vocalist Jackie Laponza in tow.  Along with that, audiences get some brief looks behind the cameras of the band’s other videos and even some entertaining commentary from an unexpected source (which won’t be revealed here for those who haven’t yet seen the DVD) for some of the videos, too.  All of that bonus material, when considered alongside the DVD’s feature music videos, gives audiences reason to watch this presentation at least once.  The lack of any real live material though, detracts from the DVD’s presentation is a fashion that cannot be ignored.  Keeping all of this in mind, Volume III proves to be an interesting new offering from Mushroomhead, but it is also one that could have been better.

Mushroomhead’s new DVD Volume III is an interesting new offering from the veteran Cleveland, Ohio-based metal outfit.  At the same time though, it is also a presentation that could have been better.  The music videos that obviously are the center of the DVD’s presentation, couple with the DVD’s  bonus material to give viewers at least some reason to watch.  The use of a conglomerate of live shots in place of any real live material (save for two songs) is a disservice to the DVD and the band that cannot be ignored.  The negative effect that it has on the DVD’s presentation does not go unnoticed.  Keeping all of this in mind, Volume III proves to be a far cry from what Mushroomhead has offered previously and a work that while interesting, just could have been so much better.  It is available now in stores and online.  More information on Volume III is available online now along with all of Mushroomhead’s latest news and more at:





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