BOOK REVIEW: “The Boy is Gonna Rock” by Bobby Rock

June 13, 2018 by: admin

The Boy is Gonna Rock - Bobby Rock
(Zen Man Publishing)

By Christopher Long

Today’s book market is inundated with a near-endless slew of rock star autobiographies. While some are compelling page-turners, others can fall flat. But what separates the wheat from the chaff with these tell-all memoirs is the author’s credibility and knack for storytelling. In the case of Bobby Rock, the world-renowned musician, teacher and fitness guru possesses both attributes, plain and simple. And with his latest book, The Boy is Gonna Rock, the one-time Vinnie Vincent Invasion drummer serves up a serious slam dunk.

For true-blue arena rock aficionados, The Boy is Gonna Rock delivers payoff from Page One with a heartfelt foreword from iconic guitar queen, Lita Ford. From there — hang on ‘cuz it’s a wild ride. Bobby writes with certain even-handed transparency — revealing many intimate details of his personal life, while also exposing the Invasion’s “functionally / dysfunctional” world.

For those who crave authentic insider dish from the glorious spandex-clad, Aqua Net era, this one truly is a must-read. But even those lacking a penchant for the Invasion’s particular brand of glam-style metal will reap enormous dividends, as Bobby also shares a smorgasbord of behind-the-scenes stories of recording and touring with an array of rock legends, including Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, W.A.S.P. and many others.

In sum, Bobby Rock gets it ALL right with The Boy is Gonna Rock, as it is easily one of the most engaging rock star memoirs I’ve read to date. And I’ve read a boatload of ‘em. The personalized note that Bobby sent to me along with the book read simply, “Christopher — Enjoy the ride!” I did indeed, Holmes. BRAVO!

-Christopher Long

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