Legend Of The Seagullmen’s Self-Titled Record…Sensory Imagery Overload!

February 11, 2018 by: admin

Here is a riddle for you, although the headline of this review already gives the answer away.  What do you get when you cross Tool, Mastodon, director Jimmy Hayward,  Zappa Plays Zappa, and Dethklok?  You get the supergroup Legend Of The Seagullmen!  On February 9th, Legend Of The Seagullmen released their self-titled record via Dine Alone Records and you will get more deep sea exploration and tales of sea monsters than one would from a captain’s log in this record.

Legend Of The Seagullmen are composed of Danny Carey(drummer for Tool), Brent Hinds(guitars for Mastodon), Jimmy Hayward(guitar/vocals), Pete Griffin(Zappa Plays Zappa), and Dethklok on bass.  This is a mix if you combine the progressive nature of Tool with Mastodon’s blend of hard rock music, with the psychedelic powers of Zappa Plays Zappa.

The record blisters and slashes all the way through while creating that sensory imagery overload where the listener can visualize the various tales of deep sea expeditions and the perils of what a sea captain or a pirate from the days of the Age of Exploration would go through.  The sensory imagery certainly overloads in “Shipwrecks”, where the listener can visualize the catastrophic nature and the perils that a sea captain would go through as they would manage the ship.  The keyboards certainly add so much to create the ambiance and the atmosphere of “Shipwrecks”, especially the outro where it sounds like a flock of (excuse me on this one) seagulls are hovering over surveying the damage in “Shipwrecks”.  Check out the track below!

The cinematography feel and the imagery would continue in a Hans Zimmeresque movie score in “Curse Of The Red Tide”.  In this track, it takes on a psychedelic Pink Floydesque feel to it as the harmonies are haunting, the orchestra feel behind the track makes it brooding, and the guitars and rhythm section takes it to a resounding crescendo in the music, it especially showcases the prowess of Danny Carey on the drums.

The curses of the sea monsters and the horrors of the sea monsters are evident and the music fits perfectly with the feel of the sea monsters in the tracks “The Orca” and “Rise Of The Giant”.  The lyrics provide that sensory imagery that really showcases Legend Of The Seagullmen as true storytellers and true artists in every sense of the word.

This feels like a soundtrack to a movie that tells a tremendous story of Legend Of The Seagullmen.  The senses are absolutely triggered and escalated as the band does an impeccable job of utilizing the arrangements of the songs to paint that picture into bright colors throughout the album, making it an incredible listen.  Absolutely a groundbreaking effort by Legend Of The Seagullmen.  Check out the track listing below!

1.  We Are The Seagullmen

2.  The Fogger

3.  Ships Wreck

4.  Curse Of The Red Tide

5.  Legend Of The Seagullmen

6.  The Orca

7.  Rise Of The Giant

8.  Ballad Of The Deep Sea Diver

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