Symetria Self-Titled Record Showing Classic Metal is Still a Mainstay

October 1, 2017 by: admin

Written by Matty

There is something real and authentic about east-coast classic metal, seems like metal bands from Boston, New York, and New Jersey has this take no prisoners attitude to couple with dynamic riffs and ball breaking rhythms.  That’s what Symetria brings with their self-titled record.  On September 29th, Symetria unleashed their self-titled record to the masses via Tripsquad Records.

Symetria is composed of Vince Santonastaso on vocals, Kevin Cust on guitars, James Soto on guitars, Fernando Carrera on bass, and Blair Smith on drums.  They met via Craigslist and began playing cover tunes from bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Metallica.  They would describe their music as conceptual, balanced, and ball breaking, and they are absolutely correct.
Their riffs are dynamic and they have a take no prisoners type of flair to it.  Symetria showcases a certain attitude to their music as they take on lyrical content such as taking no prisoners, rising above all challenges and obstacles, and takes on the topic of sins, in particular the 7 deadly sins in the Catholic faith in “Venial Sin”.  Vince Santonastaso displays an impressive vocal range that reminds people of old school Anthrax mixed with some old school Overkill.  Kevin Cust and James Soto play well off of each other offering different contrasts in the lead and guitar playing, whereas Fernando Carrera and Blair Smith offers sleek and dynamic rhythms to keep the Symetria train chugging along.
Overall, this is a great record if you need to meet your next workout target, pre-game before the big concert, or just to get your classic metal fix.  Symetria will introduce new metal fans to when classic metal was king in the 1980’s while bringing the nostalgia back from the days of the headbanger parking lot era while patches were worn on denim jackets to sport who they pledged their allegiance to in the metal world.
Here is the track listing for their self-titled record:
1.  Time
2.  Symetria
3.  Stomp
4.  Flying High
5.  All The Same
6.  Too Late
7.  Venial Sin
8.  Awakening
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