“Shake The Cage” by Freddie Nelson, love, lust, decadence and rock!

August 4, 2017 by: admin

What do you get when you get a freak of nature(I mean that complimentary) that has worked with Paul Gilbert of Mr. Big to create some music?  You get Freddie Nelson, and he has recently released “Shake The Cage” to the masses.  In the world that needs more pop/guitar rock, Freddie Nelson provides that cure like an Arctic breeze would provide the fix for global warming in Antarctica.

“Shake The Cage” starts off with the hips shaking, lip licking, sexified track entitled “Turn You On”, let me tell you it’s a track that turns the listener on to where eargasms occur and frisson gets that feeling back to a time where you long for the rock music of yesteryear.  Strangely, enough, the midtempo song of “Hey Doll”, showcases Freddie’s vocals where he is known for his virtuoso in the guitar world.  The harmonies and background vocals where it has that lit cigarette, finger snapping, swag style in “Light” showcases Freddie’s absolute strength and that is guitar picking, the swagger of soul, the strutting of blues, and the ability to melt your face.  The background vocals, while subtle, is absolutely that extra glitter that is on the swankiest fabric or the sprinkles on that Sunday morning doughnut.  A bit of humor is injected as a voiceover in “Whatever happened to decent music” kicks off the song in “Never Fight Alone”.
In a world that is calloused and superficial, Freddie Nelson comes to bring the “extra, extra read all about it” vibe back into music.  Before we know it, people are going to be clamoring to him to hear his voice croon, his guitar swoon, as the soul of the music makes you feel over the moon on a delightful afternoon.  Okay, enough rhyming schemes, Get the damn album already.  Check out the track listing below.
“Shake The Cage” by Freddie Nelson
1.  Turn You On
2.  Hey Doll
3.  Light
4.  Never Fight Alone
5.  Keep Running
6.  Let You Go
7.  My Girl
8.  The Show
9.  All Night Long
10.  Monster In My Room
11.  For Those Who Die
Check out Freddie Nelson at www.freddienelson.com for the latest news and info on Freddie Nelson!
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