BELMONT: Chicago Brigade Bounces Across America!

August 12, 2017 by: Shauna O'Donnell

BELMONT: Chicago Brigade Bounces Across America!

Written by Christopher Long

“Our last one was a 1994 piece of shit,” admitted guitarist, Sam Patt, as we stood outside of Will’s Pub, discussing his band’s current transportation situation. “At least this one has A/C,” he added, pointing to the sleak-looking white stretch passenger van parked along Mills Avenue.

Although Belmont’s world is certainly becoming a brighter place, Patt further revealed that his band still hasn’t yet graduated to “motel status.” “We never stay in motels when we tour,” he confessed – the five-piece combo opts instead to crash at the houses of friends and fans who live in the cities where the band performs.

As for tonight’s show, 200 faithful followers packed the popular Orlando venue – enthusiastic teenagers huddled at the front of the stage – ducking from getting smacked in the face by frontman Taz Johnson’s erratic onstage kicks, while fist-pumping to Brian Lada’s psychotic drum work, and singing along to every word of such staples as “731” and “Overstepping” as well as the soon-to-be-released tracks, “Water Weight” and “Step Aside.”

“It’s really cool to see people ‘getting the music,’ word of mouth,” Patt offered thoughtfully, as the band prepped the following day for the next show in Jacksonville. Reflecting on where Belmont is currently, he added, “It’s growing faster than we expected. We’re living the dream.”

The Belmont story is playing out quickly, for sure. In fact, Patt was a mere senior in high school when the Chicago-based combo signed to Mutant League Records a little over a year ago. And since then, the band members, whose average age is a ripe old 20, have seen the release of their acclaimed 2016 debut EP, Between You & Me, and have traveled seemingly countless miles while on various U.S. tours.

A banner year, 2017 saw Belmont touring extensively in May and June. The guys then locked themselves away for the month of July in a New Jersey studio with Real Friends guitarist, David Knox, to begin writing material for their next record – an as yet untitled sophomore slab that Patt expects to arrive in the spring of 2018. The band’s current tour will culminate with a string of high profile dates in Puerto Rico. “We don’t think we’re anything special,” Patt concluded humbly. “We’re just doing our thing.”

-Christopher Long
(August 2017)

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