“Loneliness Leaves The Light On For Me” by Aviator, a wall of sound!

July 10, 2017 by: Shauna O'Donnell

On June 23rd, Aviator, out of Boston, Massachusetts released their sophomore LP entitled “Loneliness Leaves The Light On For Me” via No Sleep Records.  This record brings back the feelings of old school Thrice mixed with At The Drive In.

“Loneliness Leaves The Light On For Me” begins with a dirty, gritty, grimy track entitled “I Wanna Make Movies, Heather”.  The bass line is filthy and gritty as TJ Copello grinds out his vocals like a coffee grinder trying to grind up concrete gravel, which couples with his unique storytelling in the vocals that causes people to long for the days of old school At The Drive In mixed with “Phoenix Ignition” era Thrice.  The guitars blend in surprisingly well for a post-hardcore band, as they seem to blend in with the storytelling vibe that TJ provides in his vocals.  Mike Moschetto on bass and Aviv Marotz on drums round out a rhythm section that incorporates odd time signatures and different rhythms throughout the record, but it fits wonderfully for Aviator.
The album seamlessly transitions into “Nasonov Pheromone”, which couples the post-hardcore elements with a catchy alternative rock chorus that allows the listener to unpack another layer of Aviator.  The work that Matthew Ellard(Converge, Bear Vs. Shark) is uncanny as it showcases Aviator as a cohesive band.  ”Ad Nauseam” is a hard-hitting track that has a really cool instrumental part that blends into a crescendo with jazz-like drumming and different vocal harmonies.  Sean Murphy of Verse provides a wonderful blending of vocals with TJ Copello in “I Wouldn’t Leave Here If You Paid Me”.  The guitars soar with the chorus and the rhythm section makes it a wonderful palate for the listener to digest.
Aviator brings back the late 1990’s early 2000’s post-hardcore vibes that told really cool stories of teenage angst and broken relationships, with jazz/rock like instrumentals and TJ’s angst filled vocals.  Aviator is going to blow up the East Coast scene as they will cause people to take notice with their storytelling, their harmonics in the guitars, and a complicated rhythm section.  Here is the track listing of “Loneliness Leaves The Light On For Me” by Aviator.
1.  I Wanna Make Movies, Heather
2.  Nasonov Pheromone
3.  Ad Nauseam
4.  I Wouldn’t Leave Here If You Paid Me
5.  Looks Deep Enough From Here
6.  End Scene
7.  One Year Warranty
8.  I Wouldn’t Live There If You Paid Me
9.  Safety Coffin
10.  Does It Make A Sound
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