JULE VERA: Licensed to Chill

July 11, 2017 by: Shauna O'Donnell

JULE VERA: Licensed to Chill

Written by Christopher Long

Ansley Newman doesn’t sweat. She doesn’t perspire either – not the least little bit. In fact, from the moment she steps off her jet black tour vessel at the concert venue each morning, until she rolls off the property each night, her immaculate, china doll-like presentation remains un-smeared, un-smudged and un-blemished. Even onstage, the 20-year-old singer is seemingly licensed to chill. In the topsy-turvy world of show biz, maintaining such pristine perfection is paramount. And when you’re the face of one of America’s most promising up-and-coming music acts, the ability to appear cool at all times is particularly important – especially when said combo is one of the marquee names criss-crossing the country currently on this summer’s sweat-soaked, 90-troupe Vans Warped Tour.

But for Ansley and the members of her band, Jule Vera, surviving sweltering conditions while traveling on grueling concert tours is “no sweat” at all. It was during the scorching summer of 2015 when the Auburn, Alabama-based ensemble first rose to prominence while on the road promoting their acclaimed debut record, Friendly Enemies. And in the last two years, they’ve continued building a loyal global fanbase the old fashioned way – by working hard, touring relentlessly and – writing great songs.

The result of the latter is evidenced in the glossy grooves of the group’s just-released sophomore set, Waiting on the Sun. However, when 21-year-old guitar phenom Jake Roland first eluded earlier in the year to the band’s songwriting “development,” eyebrows were raised over whether a stylistic “detour” would send Jule Vera spinning in the wrong direction. But the creative “recalculation” proved the smart play, as Waiting on the Sun is being hailed as a delightful and hypnotic pop / rock hybrid.

Jule Vera also has been generating intense heat this summer on the Warped Tour’s prestigious “Journeys Left Foot” stage. Focused fully on moving forward, the band’s daily 30-minute showcase is comprised completely of the hookiest highlights from the new record – from the mid-tempo set-opener, “Can’t Help” to such popular YouTube singles as the electro-fueled, “Lifeline” and the show tune-sized “Something Good” to the super-infectious fan favorite, “Bad Company.”

While they could be perceived as one of Warped Tour 2017’s “square pegs” – a happy, shiny lifeboat sailing a soulless sea of vomit-spewing metal bands, one thing is certain – the throngs of fans packing in at the stage each day indicate that Jule Vera is gaining enormous momentum and is a band destined for success far beyond the current 40-city excursion.

-Christopher Long
(July 2017)

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*Concert photos courtesy of Sara Taylor @ TheAmericanPit.com

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