DOLL SKIN: Frontchick Sydney Dolezal Gets Psyched About Sophomore Set

June 5, 2017 by: Shauna O'Donnell

DOLL SKIN: Frontchick Sydney Dolezal Gets Psyched About Sophomore Set

Written by: Christopher Long

Not since Guns N’ Roses dropped Appetite for Destruction back in 1987 has there been such an authentic and irresistible collection of rib-cracking, street-wise, arena-ready anthems. But while Sydney Dolezal seems genuinely bowled over by recent comparisons between Doll Skin and such rock icons as GNR, KISS and The Runaways, the 17-year-old frontchick is also clearly psyched about the release of her band’s 11-song sophomore set, Manic Pixie Dream Girl. In fact, during our recent hour-long conversation, there wasn’t mention of a single track from the new record that didn’t elicit her contagious enthusiasm.

“The ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’ is more of a concept than a person,” Dolezal stated, regarding the record’s intriguing title. Remaining humble and objective, she added that although MPDG represents an enormous musical progression from their 2015 debut, In Your Face (Again), she expects the band will cover even more ground with future efforts. Dolezal further revealed that musically, the songwriting process for the record was a group effort, while drummer Meghan Herring contributed the lion’s share of the lyrics.

Of the many highlights, Dolezal counts the record’s opening track and lead-off video / single, “Shut Up (You Miss Me)” as one of her personal favorites.

The guitar-driven ear worm, “Daughter” is a lyrical partnership between Dolezal and Herring – one inspired originally from Dolezal’s revelation of how “we’ve done so much damage to the planet.” However, by the end of the creative process, the tale of Mother Earth had developed into a compelling story of a real life “abusive mother” who is “never pleased, no matter what.”

According to Dolezal, the origin of the turbo-charged “Road Killa” stems from radio reports the band heard of an Interstate shooter one afternoon while en route to rehearsal. Within minutes of arriving at their destination, Herring already had completed and presented lyrics to the band – and another fist-pounding, blood-pumping anthem is born.

Regarding the gorgeous, heartfelt power ballad, “Sweet Pea,” Dolezal admits, “I’ve always loved the sweetness of that song.” While discussing the mosh-worthy “Punch a Nazi” she commented, “It’s SO fun. It’s SO – punk rock!”

A recent high school graduate, Dolezal points to the close relationship she enjoys with her supportive parents as the foundation of her personal life. Professionally, she gushes gooey sentiments of love for her bandmates – Herring, bassist Nicole Rich and guitarist Alex Snowden. “Even when we don’t get along, we do,” she offered with a chuckle.

Dolezal further counts director Cameron Crowe’s acclaimed rock-based drama Almost Famous among her all-time favorite flicks. But when it comes to what’s truly important in life, she confessed, “With Lucky Charms, I only ever eat the marshmallows. But with Cap’n Crunch, I’m gonna eat the entire boxful.”

Along with the new record also comes a massive promotional summer concert tour – one that will take the scrappy Phoenix-based combo all across the U.S. (again). And as for the 2017 Vans Warped Tour, Dolezal refers to Doll Skin’s upcoming string of dates on the sweat-soaked traveling rock festival as a “dream come true” opportunity. “We’re just happy to be in a band and out playing our music.”

-Christopher Long
(June 2017)

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