“Cold World” by Frontline

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On June 2nd, Chicago rockers Frontline released their full-length debut album entitled “Cold World” via Shock Records/Vanity Music Group.

After leaving A.D.D., Jason Delismon, under the tutelage of Mike Nowak, decided to form Frontline after a series of writing sessions.  It has been Frontline’s mission to write meaningful songs and to make audiences feel different after their show.  Jason recruited Steve Vuko on guitars, Alex Loeber on bass, Diane Tragos on keyboards, and Jason Jaros on drums.  Frontline became conceptualized.
Because of their heartfelt songs and a feeling for musicianship, along with memorable choruses and verses, Frontline quickly became a buzz in the Chicago rock scene.  It is plain to see why in their arrangements and their natural ear for melodies.  Frontline takes on tough subjects such as losing a loved one in the opening track and lead single entitled “Follow”.  ”Follow” showcases a mix of post-grunge with a pop/rock sensibility that has the potential to cross that genre line in order to make their music universally appealing.
Guitar hooks are simple, yet profound in tracks such as “Don’t Misunderstand Me”.  Jason Delismon continues to keep an ear for melodies and carefully crafted songs into arrangements that are meaningful and noteworthy.  Ballads about love and longing for that special someone are evident in the tracks “Beautiful” and “Angel”.  Acoustic guitars and keyboard arrangements are orchestrated into well thought out pop/rock ballads.
In essence, Frontline’s goal is to build and expand upon their audience, and with the way that they write meaningful songs, there will be an ear for that and a longing for the song that makes it connect with the listener in any way, shape, or form.  For this primary reason, I see Frontline doing quite well for themselves in the future!  I see them making their mark through college radio and various television/movie placement opportunities. They have those moments where they can rock out, yet have those moments where the embers are dancing at a bonfire on the beach and you can chill to their music, and that’s a stellar combination!   Here is the track listing below!
“Cold World” by Frontline
1.  ”Follow”
2.  ”Cold World”
3.  ”Beautiful”
4.  ”Calling”
5.  ”Changes”
6.  ”Angel”
7.  ”Don’t Misunderstand Me”
8.  ”Falling For You”
9.  ”Cold World” (reprised)
Check out Frontline on Facebook at www.facebook.com/thefrontline79
Also check out their official website at www.frontlineofficial.com
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