Metal Blade Sharp As Ever With New BTBAM, Fates Warning Live Recordings

May 7, 2017 by: admin

By Philip Sayblack

Courtesy: Metal Blade Records

Metal Blade Records has two new live recordings out today, and they are recordings that both deserve a spot on any critic’s list of the year’s top new live recordings.  The recordings in question are Between The Buried and Me’s Coma Ecliptic Live and Fates Warning’s Awaken The Guardian Live. Both deserve one of those critical spots in part due to their set lists.  This will be discussed shortly.  The respective performances in each recording are just as important to note as the set lists.  The recordings’ production values round out the recordings’ most important elements.  Each element is important in its own right to the recordings’ presentations.  All things considered, both recordings prove to be offerings that fans of each band will appreciate and that, again, deserve a spot on any critic’s list of the year’s top new live recordings.

Coma Ecliptic Live and Awaken The Guardian Live are both recordings that are deserving of a spot on any critic’s list of the year’s top new live recordings.  That is due in no small part to the set lists featured in the recordings.  The set lists stand out because they are not just collections of songs.  Instead, each is a full album from its respective band.  For Between the Buried and Me, the album in question is the band’s latest album Coma Ecliptic.  For Fates Warning, the album is the classic album Awaken The Guardian. Both concerts were very recently recorded.  The prior was recorded during BTBAM’s October 4, 2016 concert at The Observatory North Park in San Diego, CA while the latter was recorded in 2016, too.  Regardless of whether one chooses the concerts’ 2 CD/DVD combo pack, Blu-ray, or deluxe edition, audiences will get both concerts on each platform.  BTBAM’s concert is also available in multiple formats, giving audiences just as much chance to enjoy that concert in various ways, too.  Having noted all this, it should be clear why the set lists featured in both bands’ new recordings are so important.  Sure, they are not the only bands to ever perform an album in whole at a concert.  How many bands or acts in general have ever released those performances for their fans?  Some have, yes.  But such recordings are not overly prevalent regardless of genre.  To that end, the set lists presented in these recordings gain even more importance in the recordings’ presentations.  Of course the set lists are only part of what makes each recording stand out.  The bands’ performances are just as important to note as the shows’ set lists.

The set lists featured in Fates Warning and BTBAM’s new live recordings are clearly important parts of each recording’s whole.  They are however, not the recordings’ only important elements.  The bands’ performances in each recording are just as important to note as the shows’ set lists.  In regards to BTBAM’s performance of Coma Ecliptic Live, the band takes little, if any, time between songs.  Rather, the band proceeds smoothly from one track to the next, keeping the album’s story moving from one song to the next.  The result is that even home audiences are pulled completely into the show, fully ensuring their engagement from beginning to end.  That is a powerful statement even for the concert’s audio-only presentation.  The performances put on by Fates Warning are just as impressive. The reunion of the band’s original lineup created an energy in its performance that is difficult to top from any similar act.  Original front man Jon Arch’s vocals soar while guitarist Jim Matheos and drummer Steve Zimmerman collectively pack their own musical punch throughout the shows.  The same can be said of bassist Joe DiBiase.  What’s more, the band wastes just as little time between songs in its performances, too, opting instead to let their performances do the talking for them.  That element of the performance, just as with BTBAM’s new live recording, keeps this band’s fans just as engaged as those of BTBAM or any other band.  Keeping that in mind it becomes fully clear why the performances put on by both bands are so critical to each act’s recording.  The performances are not the last of the recordings’ most important elements.  Their production values round out their most important elements.

Courtesy: Metal Blade Records

The set lists and performances presented in both BTBAM’s new live recording and that of Fates Warning are both key to said recordings’ presentations.  That is evident in the fact that the set lists are made of one full album each rather than being random collections of songs.  The performances take audiences straight through said albums with little to no downtime between songs. Considering this, it is clear why each element is so important.  The noted elements are not the recordings’ only key elements.  Their production values are just as critical in their presentations as the aforementioned elements.  That is because it is those values that determine how well (or not) the recordings translate to home audiences.  Luckily for each band, the recordings’ production values stand out for the most positive reasons.  In the case of Coma Ecliptic Live, audiences are treated to expertly mixed audio, camera angles that take audiences up close and personal with the band and editing that just as expertly captures the energy and emotion of every song.  Much the same can be said of Awaken The Guardian Live.  Even in the case of the recordings’ audio-only platforms, the sound mixing is so well handled that audiences are pulled just as much into the concerts.  Between the expertly handled audio, the camera work and the recordings’ editing, the whole of the recordings’ production values form the foundation for each recording, a foundation on which the previously discussed set lists and performances rest easily.  All things considered, each recording proves to be enjoyable for the bands’ respective audiences.  They prove to be among the year’s top new live recordings.

Come Ecliptic Live and Awaken The Guardian Live are among this year’s top new live recordings.  They are presentations that fans of Between The Buried and Me and Fates Warning will all enjoy.  That is due to set lists that give audiences full album experiences and performances of said albums that will keep home audiences just as engaged as the audiences who attended the events in person.  The concerts’ production values across their varied platforms put the finishing touch on each recording’s presentation.  That is because they wholly pull audiences into the concerts regardless of platform.  Each element, as has been discussed already, plays its own integral part in the recordings’ presentations.  All things considered, they make each recording presentations that are memorable concerts; concerts that fans of each band will enjoy, leaving them agreeing each one deserves a spot on any critic’s list of the year’s top new live recordings.  Each recording is available in stores and online now.  More information on each recording is available online now at:




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