Erosion by CYDEMIND, a journey indeed!

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Out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada could be the next big musical act in the world of instrumental progressive metal, and that band is known as CYDEMIND.  On May 26th, CYDEMIND will be releasing their latest offering entitled “Erosion” wherever music is sold!

CYDEMIND is composed of Olivier Allard on violins, Alexandre Dagenais on drums, Camille Delage on keyboards/piano, Nico Damoulianos on bass, and Kevin Paquet on guitars.  They combine the insanity technical work of Dream Theater with the lush progression of a band like Rush, with the precise symphonic work of Symphony X and they throw all of their collective classical training into the mix.
I must say that this album is not for those that are expecting a 4 minute formula-based song with “verse, chorus, verse, chorus, brief instrumental break, bridge, chorus, outro”.  However, CYDEMIND takes you on a musical landscape with vibrant playing of the violin led by Olivier Allard while Nico Damoulianos and Alexandre Dagenais brings up the rhythm section that is pulsating, refreshing, and complicated due to the impeccable tempo changes in the music.
The beauty of this record is that the entire record stands out, yet the flow of the musicianship and arrangements flow together like that expensive wine that is aged over time and that cheese that is cured to where it has its perfect, exquisite taste to it.  The playing, while a bit technical, doesn’t take away from the emotions and feelings that the songs conveyed, which to me CYDEMIND does an exemplary job of doing on this record!
May 26th, go pick up “Erosion” by CYDEMIND, especially if you’re fans of bands like Dream Theater(which has Jordan Rudess’ style of keyboard playing written all over it) with the lush progressions and timely arrangements.  It is a beautiful album for background music, yet it’s also a beautiful album for the listener to examine the many elements that CYDEMIND offer into their music.  Here is the track listing below!
“Erosion” by CYDEMIND
1.  ”What Remains”
2.  ”Tree of Tales”
3.  ”Derecho”
4.  ”Red Tides”
5.  ”Stream Capture”
6.  ”Erosion”
Fans can go to for further information about CYDEMIND
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