Throw The Fight Discusses “Shawn Mendes”, “Bury Me Alive”, and “Transmissions” with MUEN Magazine

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Contributor’s Note:  It was a glorious night of music from the Minneapolis hard rock scene.  If you’re not from the Midwest, you simply won’t understand.  I would honestly put up the Minneapolis hard rock scene against any scene in North America.  Throw The Fight is currently the flagship band out of Minneapolis!  Last year, they have released “Transmissions” via Bullet Tooth Records, and they are awaiting to capitalize on the continued success of “Transmissions”.  They are currently receiving rave reviews of their single entitled “Bury Me Alive”.  Go to Sirius XM to request that single!  This was a super fun time with this band!  I hope this interview conveys that super fun time!  I interviewed Throw The Fight before their headlining set at the Fine Line Music Cafe in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Check out Throw The Fight on Facebook at and on Twitter at and follow Throw The Fight on Instagram at  Without further delay, here’s our conversation with Throw The Fight!

M.T.C.:  I know that “Transmissions” was released last year, what can people expect from that record and describe the sound of Throw The Fight.

Ryan(guitarist):  It’s our Magnum Opus! *laughs*

Kade(bassist):  It came together organically, we have been friends for a long time.  We all just write very well, and we all started creating songs within a few months.  We sent it off to the label and we sent it to Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland, who helped produce the album.  It all came together really fast, it’s definitely our heavier album, there’s a couple of little ballads in there, but for the most part, it’s more aggressive than what we have done in the past.  It’s been out for a year now.

Kris(guitarist):  It’s one of the funnest records that I have been in, we’ve been friends for a long time, it was super fun, very natural.

Ryan(guitarist):  We did all of the writing at my place, in my spare bedroom, it was a really basic home studio setup, did all the demos there, and then we flew out to Pennsylvania to do the album, and we knocked out ten songs in a like a week or two weeks.

Kade:  There wasn’t a whole lot of changes in the sense of pre-production, but the new stuff that we are coming out with, we kind of know everyone’s strengths, I think it’s going to happen the same for the next album.

M.T.C.:  Segue to the next question, I have a crystal ball, what does 2017 and 2018 look like for Throw The Fight?

Ryan:  2017, we’re going to put out a new single and new music video for the end of April.  We’re doing a cover song from Shawn Mendes, the song is “Treat You Better”.

Kade:  We’re actually going to be playing it live tonight!

Ryan:  We have another original single that we will be dropping later on this year, then we are hoping to get back into the studio at some point in the next six to nine months, and hopefully do some more touring later on in the year.

Kris:  We’re always writing, technology makes it really easy to record or whatever, we are constantly sending each other songs.  It’s nice to have a wealth of material to choose from.  We’ll be sending each other a guitar riff, then we will formulate the song around a couple of guitar riffs.

Kade:  James and I will come up with melodies.  We kind of do it backwards, instead of getting in a room and bashing out ideas, we can record it, play it back.

Kris:  We tried that in the past, it doesn’t work well for us.

Kade:  We like each other, and we want to continue to like each other! *laughs*

M.T.C:  Complete this sentence for us.  The biggest break for Throw The Fight was when…

Ryan:  The biggest break for us was in 2014 was when we got to tour with Black Veil Brides and Bullet For My Valentine, that was a lot of fun!  Those guys were solid on that run!

Kade:  Our current big break, “Bury Me Alive” is currently on Octane right now.  We’ve gotten a lot of other stations picking it up throughout the country.  It’s kind of taken off even quicker than we expected. It’s just really cool!

M.T.C.:  Going off on what you’re saying, talk about the “Bury Me Alive” single and where can people request it?

Kade:  They can request it on Sirius Octane, they can request it on all of the local radio stations, email, over Twitter.

Ryan:  All of that stuff goes a long way and it really helps out a lot.

M.T.C.:  What’s the song talking about?

Ryan:  I think it’s talking about how someone got buried alive! *laughs*

Kris:  I think the song deals with addiction, talking about using.

Kade:  It’s also talking about being in a bad relationship, abusive, through that trauma and wanting to save them.

Ryan:  James is going to read this, and be like, “this is not what this song is talking about at all” *laughs*

M.T.C.:  There’s a festival in Oshkosh this summer that your band is playing.  What can fans expect?

Kade:  I think it’s a great mix of all different artists.  No matter what you’re into, there’s something there for everyone!

Ryan:  We’ve never played that one before, so we’re looking forward to it.

Kade:  I’m just looking forward to seeing some of the artists that I love.  Slayer is headlining, we play right after Stone Sour.  It’s in the summer, nothing beats playing outside in the summer.

Kris:  Three days of kick-ass bands.  I’m excited because we get a chance to play a 75 minute set, so we’re getting into some deep cuts! *laughs*

Kade:  We’re going to have to reteach ourselves and relearn some of these songs!

Ryan:  It’ll be a good time!

M.T.C.:  I’m giving you the floor to talk about Throw The Fight.  Whatever you want to say.

Ryan:  I would just like to thank our fans for all of the support over the years.  To me, it still amazes me that in the scheme of things, we’re still a small fish in a very big pond, but we have such longevity because of all the support we have been able to have over the years, from all the fans and friends that come out to the shows and buy music, just being able to allow us to be able to continue to do what we do.

Kade:  It shocks us everyday that people, we get numbers every week, who buys our music, who streams our music, it’s overwhelming.

Kris:  It’s crazy when you write a song in your bedroom or somewhere, it ends up connecting on someone with someone on a different level, it makes everything so much more worth it! It’s a cool feeling!

Ryan:  Request “Bury Me Alive” at your local radio station and on Octane and thank you guys for the support!

M.T.C.:  That should wrap it up as I know that you gotta support and play a show tonight!

Ryan:  Thanks so much man!

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