“Raise The Torch” by Ancient Ascendant, gut-splattering metal for you!

April 18, 2017 by: Shauna O'Donnell

This could be one of the more unique reviews that I have the distinguished pleasure to write.  On April 21st, Reading/London England’s own Ancient Ascendant is set to release “Raise The Torch via Candlelight Records/Spinefarm Records!  This is one of the more accessible groovy/death/black metal records that I’ve heard in awhile!

Ancient Ascendant made their mark by being discovered by death metal legends Bolt Thrower, along with sharing the stage with the likes of Fleshgod Apocalypse and Blood Red Throne.  Ancient Ascendant is composed of Alex Butler on guitars/vocals, Dave Moulding on drums, Alan Webb on bass, and Nariman Poushin on guitars.  Ancient Ascendant is taking somewhat of an unconventional path that black and death metal bands take far too often and they are carving their own niche, which will cause them to stand out in the world of the underground metal scene!
“Raise The Torch” starts off with a beautiful, yet haunting piano intro entitled “Reawakening”.  It reminds me of that phoenix that is rising from the ashes and a creature rising from the dead, although you thought that you killed that creature!  It breaks into an all out sonic assault entitled “Our Way”.  ”Our Way” really sets the tone for Ancient Ascendant, and it showcases their growth as a band from their “Into The Dark” EP days.  Ancient Ascendant, via this song and other songs such as “Unearth” and “Carnal”, are establishing that trademark sound by incorporating the gutteral screams and deep throaty growls from Alex Butler while having the classic metal riffs that Nariman Poushin and Alex Butler provide on the record, while having that somewhat sludgy, grungy, and death metal trademark rhythm section that Alan Webb and Dave Moulding are providing in the rhythm section of Ancient Ascendant.  The death growls and the metal classic guitar riffs in “Foreign Skies” and “Grasping The Torch” further solidify Ancient Ascendant as main players in the death metal/black metal world!  This could be the band that appeals to classic metal and power metal fans because of the grooves and uncanny progression that Ancient Ascendant provides throughout the record while the gutteral screams of Alex Butler makes it all the more palatable for fans of death and black metal!
April 21st, you need to pick up “Raise The Torch” by Ancient Ascendant!  I cannot wait for their sonic assault to be unleashed in your ears!  Here is the track listing below!
1.  ”Reawakening”
2.  ”Our Way”
3.  ”Scaling The Gods”
4.  ”Unearth”
5.  ”Carnal”
6.  ”Foreign Skies”
7.  ”Grasping The Torch”
8.  ”The Great Curve”
9.  ”To The Cold”
You can find Ancient Ascendant on their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ancientascendant or at their official website at www.ancientascendant.com!  April 21st, go pick up “Raise The Torch” wherever records are sold!
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