“Triboluminescence” by Andy Summers, spilling paint onto the canvas, a Review

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The painter paces the floor as he examines the colors on his palette.  He stares longingly into his blank canvas as anxiety seems to be consuming his thoughts.  The painter has successfully created so many styles of art whether it represents realism, cynicism, impressionism, or even drawing influence from Picasso and trying abstract art.  What do you do when you feel like everything is created?  You get into your studio and create another masterpiece of course!  That’s exactly what Hall of Fame guitarist Andy Summers did with his forthcoming release entitled “Triboluminescence”, which will be released via Flickering Shadow Productions March 24th!

Fans might have heard of this legendary guitarist from his days with Rock And Roll Hall of Famers The Police!  Who can forget the legendary riffs that this man produced via The Police?  Andy Summers is also a famed photographer, and he’s releasing his 14th solo album.  Art and virtuosity seems to ooze from his pores.  He creates this masterpiece of an album, which has evolved from his previous offering entitled “Metal Dog” with a track entitled “If Anything”.
Summers paints the masterpiece with various strokes of the paintbrush by offering a jazz fusion, psychedelic picture of his arrangements and guitar stylings that would remind me of the classic “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” by Pink Floyd, and that’s just the intro part.  It tells a story of longing and hope in the song, while infusing many different elements such as Middle Eastern, jazz, and even Southeast Asian elements into the music.  The title track follows “If Anything”.
“Triboluminescence” means when light is transformed from darkness.  Andy Summers takes that definition and paints a vivid and vibrant masterpiece with the track that clocks in just under ten minutes long.  I absolutely am turned on by the slow build of this track, the xylophones that are reminiscent of water droplets hitting the foundation as the sky gets transformed from a storm to a rainbow to sunlight once again.  It makes me wonder if this was the soundtrack to when “The Big Bang” happened and the universe was formed and the heavens said “Let There Be Light”.  Summers pours in lush guitar work that really shows his ingenuity as an artist, as a master craftsman if you will.
As if Summers didn’t have enough talent, he proceeds to show off his percussion skills and his Western African musical influence in “Adinkra”.  I envision a belly dancer with torches dancing somewhat sensually to this track as the music causes the listener to sway back and forth.  The album seamlessly transitions into “Elephant Bird”.
In “Elephant Bird”, I am envisioning Summers sitting at a jazz lounge off of 18th and Vine in Kansas City, Missouri inviting his old friends John Coltrane and Miles Davis.  While this track is going on, the lights are lowered into the jazz club off of 18th and Vine, and a woman could be seen crooning along with the music as the hazy smoke fills the atmosphere while ladies are in their flapper dresses and the men are attempting to swoon the ladies in their cigarette jackets.
The art of praying, reflecting, and meditating is explored throughout the rest of “Triboluminescence”, in particular the tracks “Haunted Dolls” and “Pukul Bunye Bunye”.  It offers serious moments of reflection, counting your blessings, and centering one self in these aforementioned tracks.  The chords are quite trippy and exotic, as Summers tunes his guitar down in “Pukul Bunye Bunye”.  Summers even recruits world-renowned cellist Artyom Manukyan in the album closer “Garden of the Sea”.  The cello offers a lush ambiance into the music.
After all these years, world-renowned musician Andy Summers continues to stay one step ahead of the game by continuing to evolve his craft as a musician.  If you want to learn more about Andy Summers, look no further than this album.  If you need moments of solitude and reflection, along with moments of eroticism and seduction, look no further than “Triboluminescence” by Andy Summers.  The painter has successfully completed yet another masterpiece.
Here is the track listing below:
1.  ”If Anything”
2.  ”Triboluminescence”
3.  ”Adinkra”
4.  ”Elephant Bird”
5.  ”Shadyland”
6.  ”Haunted Dolls”
7.  ”Gigantopithecus”
8.  ”Pukul Bunye Bunye”
9.  ”Garden of the Sea”
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