“Salting Earth” by Richie Kotzen, an aficionado: A Review!

March 24, 2017 by: admin

On April 14th, 2017 guitarist extraordinaire Richie Kotzen will be releasing his 21st solo album entitled “Salting Earth”.

When I think of the term “Salting Earth”, I think of breathing life into the Earth and its surroundings.  I think of lush melodies, arrangements that breathe new life into the rock scene, and just absolute and total power in the guitar riffs and licks.
Richie Kotzen is known for his creativity, arrangements, and crafting whatever feels good to him at the moment.  It’s a wonder the universe didn’t implode when he joined forces with Billy Sheehan and Mike Portnoy to form The Winery Dogs.
The arrangements by Kotzen on “Salting Earth” start off with a tasty, intense track entitled “End of Earth”.  This song is the first single that Richie Kotzen released off of his forthcoming album.  The guitar tones are blues tinged with the strat playing delectable solos, especially at the outro of the song.  It really does a nice job of setting the tone, which Kotzen displays his trademark vocal prowess that sounds like he studied Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and picked up his vocal range along the way mixed with the blues vocals that one would hear from The Black Crowes.  ”Thunder” is also a straightforward rocker that provides dark harmonies that one would hear from a 1990s Soundgarden or Alice In Chains album in the grunge era.
Kotzen leaves his soul bare and showcases his sensitive side about a love in a significant relationship in tracks such as “My Rock” and “Cannon Ball”.  The guitars are AM influenced while providing the blues licks that Kotzen provides, which has become his trademark throughout his career as a musician.  Kotzen also provides moments of self-reflection where he leaves the music vulnerable and sensitive in the album closer “Grammy”.
If you like straight up rockers that incorporates a blending of soul and blues, with a touch of r&b, look no further than “Salting Earth” by Richie Kotzen.  It is a man that’s getting back to his roots with this album and that will continue to ride the wave of momentum that was built with the “Hot Streak” of 2015 with The Winery Dogs.  This is the way that music should be written, write and play the music that you love as if you don’t need the notoriety or the money, or just write and play it like Richie Kotzen in order to feel the liberation in the music.
Here is the track listing below:
1.  ”End of Earth”
2.  ”Thunder”
3.  ”Divine Power”
4.  ”I’ve Got You”
5.  ”My Rock”
6.  ”This Is Life”
7.  ”Make It Easy”
8.  ”Meds”
9.  ”Cannon Ball”
10.  ”Grammy”
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