REMARK’s Self-Titled Effort, changing the music landscape, a Review!

March 19, 2017 by: admin

When people think of Moscow, Russia in a word-association game, people think of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, and the gulags in Siberia.  I think about the Monsters of Rock festival that Metallica and Pantera are known for that attracted a million people as the Russian army is providing the security.  I think of people that want freedom of expression and freedom of change.  REMARK, out of Moscow, Russia has made a statement with their self-titled effort.

REMARK, with their single entitled “Falling”, are gaining notoriety throughout Russia with appearances on radio and on television.  They have shared the stage in Russia with the likes of Slash’s Snakepit featuring Myles Kennedy, Tom Kiefer of Cinderella, W.A.S.P., and Dope.  On January 12th of this year, they have released their self-titled record, and I’m anticipating that they will be offered a record contract before long!
The self-titled offering begins with their single entitled “Falling”.  ”Falling” is emotionally packed filled with an uplifting and soaring chorus, which is becoming a commonality in a REMARK song.  The track is tight, it offers infectious alternative rock guitar riffs, with tasty guitar solo incorporated in the song.  The harmonies are solid as well in the track.
The self-titled album takes on a party-rock theme mixed in with today’s alternative rock/nu-metal style in tracks such as “H.C.E” and “P**** Queen”.  I like the energetic atmosphere that is offered in both tracks, which are both stylized with gang vocal chants that will cause audiences to chant along with them due to its infectious nature of the songs.
“Vesna” is more of a ballad that REMARK offers, it displays their vocal prowess while offering that lighter in the sky moment that one would witness at a rock concert.  It seems to be talking about a relationship or a love gone bad, that was the interpretation that I gathered anyways on it.
Throughout the record, people should take note.  It is consistently tight with each note providing a purpose in the music.  The vocals are on point, the arrangements are infectious and tasty, and it bridges the gap between people who like different types of rock music.  Get on the REMARK bandwagon before everyone else.
Here is the video to “Falling” below:




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