Randomness and “Life”: Conversation with Eric Davidson, vocalist of Dead Horse Trauma

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It was a blustery, yet warm evening in Iowa.  It’s something only us Iowans understand so deal with it.  Dead Horse Trauma is setting up shop to tear down Spicoli’s Rockade in Waterloo, Iowa.  I was fighting the flu during this time, rundown on virtually no sleep, yet Eric Davidson was gracious enough to donate his time to talk to me for this interview.  In this interview, you will get to learn what goes on in Eric’s head during the writing process of a Dead Horse Trauma song and creation of “Life”.  Check out the review of “Life” on here.  I gave it a four-star rating for a reason.  It is packed with a punch and Dead Horse Trauma continues to push the envelope with their sound.  Please like Dead Horse Trauma on Facebook atwww.facebook.com/deadhorsetrauma or go to their official website atwww.deadhorsetrauma.com in order to pick up “Life” or some cool merchandise.  Without delay, here is my conversation with Eric Davidson, vocalist of Dead Horse Trauma.  Please go to www.madnesstocreation.net to check out the first half of this conversation.

Matty:  If you could have entrance music for one WWE Superstar or UFC Fighter, who would it be?

Eric:  A UFC Fighter, actually it’s a funny story.  We wrote a song for a UFC Fighter for his debut on UFC.  It’s the song “Psycho”, for Timmy “The Psycho” Gorman, he’s from Des Moines, Iowa.  He was on an Ultimate Fighter show on Spike TV, I found out on the Ultimate Fighter show that he got injured, he showed a lot of heart even through his injury, they were forced to pull him out of there, he was going to fight with his injury, he didn’t care, Dana White was going to have a heart to heart with him, he was just pissed, he was like, “You’ve got so much heart, we will have you back, we will put you on a UFC fight.”  Timmy came back and trained hard and they have MCC, the fighting championships in Des Moines, he would rule MCC, he got a call from Dana White, and he said that he has a fight, you want a televised fight, and Timmy was like, “sweet!”, and Timmy was getting a tattoo, and he was listening to the music, and he was like, “this s*** gets me pumped”, and I’m like, “this is my band, let’s do some stuff”.  Timmy was like, “dude, I’m going on TV, I’m going to be on the UFC fighting, will you guys write me a song”.  And I’m like, “Man, that’s a tall order, but you caught us right in the middle of the writing process, we’ll write you a song right now”.  I had him come over and I interviewed him, I’m asking him questions like what it feels like when he hits the ring, and while I’m interviewing him, he’s just jumping up and down while pounding down jugs of water.  I like to think I’m an energetic guy, but Timmy is just blowing me away with energy.  I’m like, “holy s***, it’s gotta be something super hyped, super energetic”.  He always said, “I’m a psycho, I’m Timmy The Psycho Gorman”.  He wanted a shirt that said something like, “train like a psycho”.  I was like, “whoa, let’s f****** get this down”, and it worked out in part of the song where it talks about fighting like a psycho.  That was part of him, he would have somebody on the ground and try to make them say, “Iowa”.  We wrote “Psycho” for him.

Matty:  Is he still fighting today?

Eric:  Yeah!

Matty: Tell me about the video and the single “Fugue State” that was released recently.

Eric:  The video is the prequel to the “Left Unsaid” video.  It is about a girl with addiction, and some crazy stuff that happened to her that led her into this path.  ”Fugue State” is kind of like a little bit of the very first of her growing up, being sent away, and coming back into the home that she was in a long time ago, and she’s not getting the love that she wanted, and ultimately as the video goes, her father ends up dying in front of her, with it being her fault, it felt like it set the tone for her, we still have one more video in the process, so “Fugue State” is part one to the three part trilogy.

Matty:  What’s the name of the third video?

Eric:  It’ll be for “Resting In Pieces”.

Matty:  What vision do you have with that song?

Eric:  It’s going to be the one to tie everything together, its still in the creative process, we’ll be recording that pretty soon, I’d rather not talk to much about that.

Matty:  Fair enough!  I have a crystal ball, give me your outlook on the “Life” record and what is Dead Horse Trauma going to accomplish for the rest of the year?

Eric:  We’re trying to hit Billboard charts, we’re trying to make enough of a ruckus to where we get on the professional circuit.  We want to expand the crowd that we have been getting all over the nation tenfold.  We’re trying to hit ten times the people that we’re playing in front of right now with bigger and better venues.  A lot of that is by getting on certain festivals.

Matty:  Is there a certain festival that you have in mind?

Eric:  All of them!  We’re going up to play Seattle Hempfest, that’s usually a good 10 to 15,000 people, there’s The Revival that we will be playing in Yorkville, Illinois, that’s kind of a small party, but it’s a concentrated group of people that are diehard music fans.  The Revival sponsors and tosses us money to help get the name out, it’s a three-day party that provides beer, water, and music.  It’s a real lax, no cops, good time!

Matty:  A few fun questions for you.  Tell us in a political message or something to that effect, why my readers should see Dead Horse Trauma in concert.

Eric:  A political message?  As a band, we are a political message.  A dead horse is a term that is used when someone is passed out at a party, and then somebody rapes her, that kind of thing.  Dead Horse Trauma is a term of how we are taken advantage of as a society in terms of our collective unconsciousness.  Whether it’s religion, media, politics, things like that that put people to sleep so we can be taken advantage of.  But, we as a band are all about waking people up to the things that are going on around them.

Matty:  Complete this sentence, I never thought I’d see the day where…

Eric:  Everything that we are doing is just another step in the process.  We started this band with the goal in mind that we want to be one of the biggest bands in the world, all of this is baby steps to where we want to be.  Everything is just another step in the process.  To answer your question, it was unimaginable to me where a long time ago, when we played Lazerfest in Des Moines in front of 30,000 people, and five years before that, we were just kind of getting into my studio at home for the first time and jamming, that was kind of a huge revelation, other than that, it’s all been keep going for the goal.

Matty:  Describe Dead Horse Trauma using your favorite Saturday morning cartoon growing up.

Eric: I don’t watch cartoons, I watch South Park though.  That’s not a Saturday morning cartoon is it? *laughs* It would have to be, “oh my God, you killed Kenny, you bastards”, that’s what it would have to be.  *laughs*  Cause, yeah, we’re always dying.

Matty:  If I give you $50 to go to any restaurant in the world where are you going and what are you ordering?

Eric:  Willy Taco in Spartansburg, South Carolina.  Amazing food, it’s crazy stuff.

Matty:  Two local Iowa bands that people should check out.

Eric:  Apathy Syndrome and Absolute Power.

Matty:  Why should people go DIY instead of a record company?

Eric:  Because most of them are junk.  We got a lot of offers from certain groups, and most of them are like, “look, I tell you what, we’re not going to give you any money, but we’re going to take half of all of your money, and I know you guys don’t need merch, and I know you don’t need marketing, we know that you guys have that all taken care of, but we’re going to charge you for all of that stuff”.  Those offers have been crap!  Our first three legit offers that we have ever gotten, we turned down two of them and ended up going with our own DIY label and we went through a distribution group The Orchard, which is through Sony Music Distribution.

Matty:  Tell us where we can find you guys since you have to get ready for your soundcheck.

Eric:  www.dhttour.com, Facebook, Google Dead Horse Trauma, you’ll find us immediately.

Matty:  Good luck tonight at the show!

Eric:  Thank you for this man, we appreciate it and it’s good meeting you!

And there you have it, please go to their official website to pick up a copy of “Life”, or their merchandise.  You won’t regret it!

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