Part Two of Interview with Jackyl: Guitarist/Founder Jeff Worley discusses “No Filter”

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Contributor’s Note: Hot off of their run supporting “ROWYCO”, came quite an impromptu interview with Jeff Worley.  I finished up interviewing Jesse James Dupree, and all of a sudden, Jeff wanted to talk about his book.  I will provide a link below on where a person can pick up a copy of his book.  Here is Part Two of the Interview with legendary classic rock band Jackyl.

Jesse:  This book will fill in the blanks for any Jackyl fan, just from a glance, it’ll be funny for everybody!  There’s funny stories about going to the gym, Jeff is kind of a fitness freak kind of guy, you won’t believe the stories that you will find just from going to the gym.

Matty:  Is there any samplings of the stories you want to share without giving it away of course?
Jeff:  There is a celebrity section about the celebrities that we have met, it’s never like you say, it’s the term “be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it”, well that term is absolutely correct on everything that I have ever done.  I can’t sit next to Brad Pitt on the plane, but I can sit next to Jared from Subway before his ass gets arrested! *laughs* It’s always something, “watch out what you wish for”, going to gyms and different countries, there’s a section on just our fans, and the crew took up the whole thing.  Well, the first chapter kind of sets it off, it’s called “You boys ain’t from around here are you”, since we are from the South, I’ve heard that in every country in the world.  I even heard that from a show in the South! “You ain’t from around here are you”, so sometimes it’s not given as a compliment, but I take it as a compliment, but you just have to get into the book and see, my take on life.  It would be a lot different otherwise, what is entertaining to me is the opposite of some.  Some might be horrified by the human nature of “say what you say”.

Matty:  Where can people pick up the book?
Jeff:  Amazon, every avenue that you can think of.  You get color photos with me and Brian May and me and Peter Fonda, Evil Knievel. Ready for a funny story.

Matty:  Absolutely!
Jeff:  You know that we have two Guinness Book of World Records?  As we were ranking it, one of the last shows of the 1990’s was about 1,200 people was in Tampa, Florida, and we were set to play outdoors, in the morning we pulled up and did a thing with Martin Lawrence, most of this is in the book, and then we pulled up and we played in the morning for free it had to be a 20 minute set for it to be counted by Guinness, but we ended that night going to the big plex.  It cost us 70 grand to get two pieces of certificates, but there was a line of maybe 2,000 people, and here comes a guy on a motorcycle that was loud and obnoxious, ass-hauling,  and the crowd is looking at him and he’s coming straight for us, and he gets about 20 feet away and he cuts it off, and my smart-ass mouth goes, “who does this son of a bitch think he is, Evil Knievel”, and he rolled up to the table, and he pulled his helmet off and says, “hey Jackyl boys, Evil Knievel”. Also, how we lost millions of dollars, but it’s funny, it’s a different take.  A guy compared it to “a rock version of Mark Twain crossing with Hunter S. Thompson”.

Matty:  Would you say that Hunter S. Thompson was a big influence in your writing?
Jeff:  Yes, absolutely!  I’m a big fan, and also Mark Twain because I’m a big fan of history, I not only write books, but I also write about shows weekly and it’s not funny, the thing I wrote is a Marine Corp movie about my grandfather, I got in the writing routine.  The first thing is this little crazy book filled with funny stories, it’s almost like The Andy Griffith Show because it’s taken out of the South and thrown into the world with a different outlook than most people are used to.  Someone might ask Jesse, “how do you become a part of the crowd”, you ever notice when there’s a real bad car wreck some people want to get away but they’ll get there just to look, that’s exactly the book that I write.  The book is the car wreck! *laughs* “There he is, come and look at his arms while everybody sings” *laughs* Its just how I kind of take life, most of the time God has gave me a sense of humor, being from the South, raised in the church with me and my brother, my grandma lived to be 90 and I had a platinum record!  She never liked us doing this rock band, the music is of the devil, we might as well have been Satan, we don’t worship the devil, right?  She would always ask about the record, and she would ask, “Does that mean you get a real job and quit all that stupid playing music forever”.  ”No, this means that we are playing music forever”.  But the book is doing really good on Amazon and you can pick it up at our merch booth, it will be in stores.  Our latest record charted well and this “rock book” is being crossed over into the comedy genre.  This book works its way backward into my life with the family I grew up with, me and my brother, and I was wondering if I hadn’t grown up with these people, if I would’ve had the toughness in me and the sense of humor in me to deal with once I got out here in this. It was kind of like boot camp kind of because they were really hardcore family.  If I cussed my dad out, I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you.  Its a comedy book, but if you’re a Jackyl fan, it fills in the blanks, and it gives you a different meaning of the band.  I knew that my fans would love it! But I tested the book with people who didn’t know me from Adam’s housecat, and they loved it, so I knew then.  I’ve been in contact with Amazon and I knew they’ll love this, because I’ve had all the reviews coming in “all five star”.  I would’ve never dreamed that.  But I actually got reprimanded because fans were still sending in reviews, but we can’t mention the word “dirty Sanchez”, do you know what that is?

Matty:  Unfortunately yes. *laughs*
Jeff:  Well my friend I grew up with, this boy thought he was Dusty Rhodes, the wrestler.  He even trained himself to talk with a lisp.  But he was the king of “Dirty Sanchezes”, he would pull it out, “boom on your lip”!  Some guy would come up to me and tell me, “I’m 45 years old, but part of your book made me want to come back to my hometown”, and give people the Dirty Sanchez.  I can say “Dirty Sanchez” in my book, but a reviewer can’t say it, is that not hilarious? *laughs*  It’s like the opposite of the record industry! *laughs*  Part 2 is already in the works.  I’m all about foreplay and some sort of lube!  There’s way more to our band than what people have thought over the years, we’re from the TV show and we are still playing.  We were on a cartoon, did you know that?

Matty:  I didn’t!
Jeff:  Yep, it’s called “The Squidbillies” on Adult Swim!  We were actually cartoon characters on an episode.  When you’re a cartoon character, even if you’ve got no money in the bank, you’ve made it!  *laughs*  Just like making it on Scooby Doo or The Simpsons.  The Squidbillies are a bunch of squids, they’re really popular, but they’re southern, just look it up, you’ll love it!  They contacted us we did voices on it.  I explained how the penis works, you’ll have to see it!  YouTube “Squidbillies Jackyl”.

Matty:  I’ll have to check that out!  Better let you go so you can play!
Jeff:  Thanks man, this was a lot of fun!

And there you have it!  Here is the link below to pick up a copy of the book, either paperback, hardback, or on your Amazon Kindle!

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