“Love Sick Dick” by Barry Adamson, refreshing change of pace!, a Music Review!

March 17, 2017 by: admin

Dark, Bluesy, Maniacal, and Theatrical.  If I were to play the word association game to describe the music of Mercury Prize-nominated Barry Adamson, those are the first words that come to mind.  On April 14th, Barry Adamson will be releasing his six track EP entitled “Love Sick Dick”.

This EP seems to be a concept record about a lovelorn guy who is struggling to find peace and hope within himself in the midst of his sorrow, downtrodden ways, and his paranoia.  Barry Adamson does an amazing job illustrating those feelings of despair and sorrow into this record.
“Love Sick Dick” starts off with the unabashed, unadulterated track entitled “I Got Clothes”.  It reminds me of a spoken word track in a way where you experience a sense of paranoia and mania through the character, you can tell with the wordplay and the arrangements that Barry is trying to portray his character of struggling to spit out the words that he exactly wants to say, and that provides for the magic of this masterful EP.
“Sweet Misery” is sexy and blues tinged, combined with AM Radio flavorings of the 1970s.  It is a track that kind of sounds depressing but at the same time the character sees a glimmer of hope in the midst of his sorrow and despair.
“People Like Us” sees a glimmer of contemporary pop, as you would hear from bands like New Radicals and The Gin Blossoms of the 1990s.  The voice is gritty, breathy, and strangely intriguing, while Barry Adamson does a masterful job of keeping the story told in “Love Sick Dick”.
It offers moments of haunting tales and where the paranoia and mania comes back to haunt the character in “They Walk Among Us”.  Adamson does an amazing job of creating the story and inflecting his voice to illustrate the song to where it can be visualized in a short film format.
Overall, this EP is outstanding!  It offers cinematic moments in each track, a diverse arrangement of lyrics and musicianship to keep the EP fresh and to complete the story.  This must be listened the whole way through in order to understand the plot of mania and paranoia, while finding that brief ray of sunshine in the midst of all the madness.  Here is the track listing to “Love Sick Dick” below.
1.  ”I Got Clothes”
2.  ”Sweet Misery”
3.  ”People Like Us”
4.  ”On Golden Square”
5.  ”They Walk Among Us”
6.  ”One Hot Mess”
Check out European Tour Dates below:
Barry Adamson 2017 Tour Dates:
19 April - FR, Paris, Boule Noire
20 April – BE, Brussels, Botanique Rotonde
21 April – NL, Amsterdam, Paradiso (Upstairs)
22 April – UK, Manchester, Ruby Lounge
24 April - UK, Glasgow, King Tuts
26 April – UK, Bristol, Thekla
27 April – UK, London, M.O.T.H Club
30 April – DE, Berlin, Frannz Club
2 May – DE, Munich, Kranhalle
3 May – DE, Cologne, Blue Shell
4 May – DE, Hamburg, Jazz Café
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