“Heavy Thoughts” by For The Win, authenticity is discovered, A Review!

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On April 14th, Artery Recordings will be releasing “Heavy Thoughts” by For The Win, victories will be ensuing when this bombshell of an album is released!

I have missed the era where punk was catchy and infectious, and it was about driving with the windows rolled down and one would blare the music so loud that the speakers would start getting crackling and distorted before we knew it.  For The Win, out of San Diego, California, has accomplished this feeling in one fell swoop.
For The Win is composed of Kyle Christiansen on vocals, Matt Jimenez on guitars, Lee Chambers on guitars, Giovanni Suarez on bass, and Omar Nieto on drums.  Ever since they released their debut entitled “More Than You Know” via Artery Recordings in 2014, For The Win has toured with the who’s who in today’s punk/alternative scene such as Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, I See Stars, A Skylit Drive, Being As An Ocean, and numerous other bands.
“Heavy Thoughts” starts off with an in-your-face track entitled “Us Versus Them”.  This track does a masterful job of setting the pace for the rest of the record, especially with sharing a commonality and a blueprint of a sound that will become the trademark sound for For The Win.  This blueprint includes an angst, yet positive tone in the lyrics written and the vocals, breakdowns that are catchy while melodic vocals continue to sound demanding and soaring, and seamless transitions in the musicianship between the different parts of the song structure.  This theme, the take no prisoners theme, is included in tracks as “All Or Nothing”, which talks about stopping at nothing in order to get to the top of the music world and the first single entitled “Crash and Burn”, which is a track about “what goes around comes around” and walking a mile into a person’s shoes before you judge that person.  ”Nowhere to Run” is a poignant track that talks about how if we have nothing to lose and everything to gain, we should just go for it and just dominate and take no prisoners.
The breakdowns showcase intensity, the tempo is a solid pace where it’s upbeat yet For the Win doesn’t lose its intensity during the upbeat moments of the song, and the melodic vocals are stellar, especially for a band of this particular genre.  The gang vocals in “Crash and Burn” during the bridge of the song is a potential career highlight for For The Win.  There’s even a moment of vulnerability and sensitivity in the closing track “Until the End of Time”, where it talks about a relationship that could be potentially ending and the person is weighing the options on whether or not to work things out or to go to separate ways with their loved one.  However, this track does not end with a whimper.  There is a resolve and the music is written masterfully to resoundingly end the vulnerability and sensitivity as they find courage and strength to break things off in the unhealthy relationship.
April 14th, you need to pick up “Heavy Thoughts” by For The Win via Artery Recordings.  Don’t sleep on this band, otherwise you’ll regret it more than a person being late to work on their first day on the job.  Here is the track listing below:
“Heavy Thoughts” by For The Win
1.  ”Us Versus Them”
2.  ”G Series”
3.  ”All Or Nothing”
4.  ”The Weight of the World”
5.  ”Nowhere to Run”  *Career Highlight Track*
6.  ”Dancing Shoes”
7.  ”How Can I (Get Back to You)
8.  ”Heavy Thoughts”
9.  ”Crash and Burn”
10.  ”Until the End of Time”
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