“Vicious Cycle” by Afterlife, unleashing what’s inside of them!

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We all go through things and we all have different mechanisms to utilize our coping skills.  Some sit there and ponder, some choose to exercise, Afterlife chooses to make some aggressive music that unleashes the monsters that are inside of them.

Afterlife takes real-life issues and make it universally relate-able while the listener jams out something fierce in a mosh pit setting.  On February 3rd, the West Palm Beach, Florida band unleashed their EP entitled “Vicious Cycle”, which is a concept record of things that people go through in their personal lives.  Some of these things included getting betrayed, depression, bargaining to get out of conundrums that we face, and then accepting what cards have been dealt to us and leaning on hope as our anchor to get us out of the situations that sometimes we get ourselves into.

Afterlife, which is composed of Tyler Levenson on vocals, Andrew McGuire on guitars, Luke Walkinshaw on bass, and Sinin Ables on drums, unleashes this monster with a track entitled “Anthem”.  In my interpretation, it’s talking about how we choose to make these negative situations our personal anthems instead of doing something about the negative situation.  I really like the aggression that Afterlife offers in this track.  It has nu-metal breakdowns and riffs, a pulsating rhythm section, and Tyler is able to alternate his voice between screaming and rap-core elements that will make people remember groups such as Flaw, Taproot, and 3rd Strike.  There is no mental break in this EP as Afterlife accomplishes the mission of hitting the listener right between their eyes with each track.  ”Vicious Cycle” is aggressive, mosh-pit worthy, and emotionally accessible because we have all been through those situations that Afterlife is talking about in “Vicious Cycle”.

This record has been out over two weeks now.  There is a lot of momentum behind this record.  It debuted on the Billboard charts in the top 15 Heatseekers chart as well as #51 in Hard Music and #52 in Indie Music through the first week that “Vicious Cycle” was released!  Stay Sick Recordings have found a diamond in the rough in the world of hard music.  It takes the listener back to the nu-metal/alternative metal sounds of the early 2000’s while staying fresh and staying so clean from today’s music standpoint!  Outstanding job by Fronz of Attila for his work on the record as well!

Check out the track listing to “Vicious Cycle” below!

1.  ”Anthem”

2. “Pain & Pleasure”

3. “Vicious Cycle”

4. “Fading Away”

5. “Catalyst”

Check out the music video to “Pain & Pleasure” below!

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