Savoy Motel’s Self-Titled Debut, let’s remember the 1970’s again!

February 19, 2017 by: admin

On Sunday Mornings, I love listening to the local radio because it takes me back to the golden era of music, which is the 60s and 70’s.  It’s music you can jam out to and groove to and many different styles of music were becoming quite popular because of the arrangements, melodies, songwriting, and riffs/solos that people hear and they instantly know what song you are talking about.  I am bringing you a band that has been featured on NME and Stereogum, now MUEN Magazine is going to feature it, here is Savoy Motel’s self-titled debut record review!

This is going to be one of the most challenging reviews that I will ever write.  I try to write my reviews to where my readers can actually get a taste of what they expect the record to be.  The only way that I can truly compare this record is when you’re turning on that radio, adjusting the rabbit ears from your radio set in your bedroom, and you hear the distinct voice of Casey Kasem presenting the weekly Top 40, and he reads a heartfelt letter during the middle of the countdown that is a “request and dedication”, and the music comes on.  The sunshine is lighting up your bedroom and you proceed to dance and move about in place in your bellbottoms and polyester shirt, and you groove as if you’re on the Soul Train line.  That is Savoy Motel in a nutshell for you.  The thick layering coming from the Maestro brand drum machine, to the soulful grooves of the bass provided by Jeffrey Novak, to the soulful/pop-tinged vocals of one Jessica McFarland, to the unique dueling guitar riffs of Mimi Galbierz and Dillon Watson, Savoy Motel brings the movement and the grooviness to the listener’s ear that causes sunshine on rainy days and silver linings to break up every cloud in the sky.

This album ranges from the blues/rock of “Doctor Cook” to the psychedelia of “International Language” to the soulful/pop/funk melodies of “Sorry People” and “Everyone Wants To Win”.  It is so infectious that it has no antidote for the infectiousness so it will stay with you, but that’s okay, it makes your heart full of contentment and glee.  Savoy Motel finished up with their run providing direct support for The Lemon Twigs and will be embarking on a European run with a smattering of one-off dates here and there in support of this record.  Here are the tour dates below:

Savoy Motel also has several one-off dates this year, they include:

Thursday, February 23rd at Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland (with special guests Soul Cannon and The Holographic Sticker Club)

Friday, February 24th at The Pinhook in Durham, North Carolina

Friday, May 12th at Zanzabar in Louisville, Kentucky (providing direct support for Redd Kross)

Here is the track listing below:

1.  ”Souvenir Shop Rock”

2. “Western Version Boogie”

3. “Sorry People”

4. “Doctor Cook”

5. “Everyone Wants To Win”

6. “Mindless Blues”

7. “International Language”

8. “Hot One”

Here is the video below for “Sorry People”:

Where to find Savoy Motel:


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