“Ghost, Shadow, and Sun” by Steven J. Vertun, a hidden gem that needs to be discovered!

February 21, 2017 by: admin

Any recording artist that is willing to serve others and try to make the world a better place deserves to be noticed.  Such is the case with Steven J. Vertun, the former Sparrow/Eye Savant frontman who released “Ghost, Shadow, and Sun” on February 3rd.  Details will be provided below, however, 30% of the proceeds from this particular album go to charities such as St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and the Wounded Warriors Project.

Steven J. Vertun, who has shared the stage with the likes of Molly Hatchet, Stan Ridgeway, Great White, and Jeff Beck, takes his smoky voice and intricate songwriting into “Ghost, Shadow, and Sun”.  The album starts off with a gritty track entitled “Radio”.  Immediately, I noticed the blues tones that would make Ted Nugent fans nod their heads, while capturing the music sensibilities that a fan of Tom Petty would notice.  The vocals are gritty, the guitar playing is sleek and offers a taste of Memphis styled blues and a beat that would make any classic rock fan go ballistic.

Steven J. Vertun offers many other sounds into this record.  He brings the Americana flavor, Grandpa’s porch swing, type of AM rock in songs like “Ready To Go”, where the songwriting offers quality storytelling, the background melodies flow into the lead vocals during the choruses of the music, and the arrangements are intertwined into each part of the song like a tapestry.  Harmonies and tempo changes are provided in edgier moments that would make alternative 90’s rock fans of bands like Everclear and Lit happy in Stone Ride, while the guitar solo is sweeping and really drives home the point of “Stone Ride”.  It is plain to see that Steven J. Vertun offers many styles of music, from today’s bands like Lifehouse and Switchfoot to the classic rock that we all grew up with, and meshes in into a universal flavor in the concoction that is Steven J. Vertun

If you want an album that offers that hidden gem, look no further than “Ghost, Shadow, and Sun” by Steven J. Vertun.  It is the kind of music that could be played at frat parties while people are doing kegstands, or even at the local VFW that appeals to the older rockers.  It is accessible to any listener as it reaches across multiple genres of music.  Steven J. Vertun needs to be discovered in a big way!  This is the way music on the radio is supposed to sound, with grit and substance slathered in the emotions and feelings of the music!

Here is the track listing below:

1.  ”Radio”

2. “Stone Ride”

3. “Confidency and Innocence”

4. “Ready To Go”

5. “Ghost”

6. “Drive”

7. “Anyway”

8. “Some Kind of Reason”

9. “Bridge Over Ocean”

10. “Run To Me”

11. “Stay”

12. “Big Blue Sky”




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