Getting to Know Savoy Motel: Matty’s Conversation with Jeffrey Novak, bassist/vocals for Savoy Motel!

February 21, 2017 by: admin

Contributor’s Note:  It was an honor and a privilege to get linked up to interview this rising act.  From their previous three singles that they have posted from their YouTube channel, they are boasting approximately 100,000 total hits from their YouTube channel for their music videos “Hot One”, “Souvenir Shop Rock”, and “Sorry People”.  They have enjoyed a run that got them some solid exposure, sharing the stage with British sensations The Lemon Twigs.  Please check them out on Facebook at and their official website at  On the bottom of this interview, they have several one-off shows coming up in Kentucky, Maryland, and North Carolina, and they will be embarking on a European tour.  Without further delay, here is my conversation with Jeffrey Novak of Savoy Motel!

Matty:  Thank you for taking the time to interview with me for MUEN Magazine, tell me who you are and what do you do in the band?

Jeffrey:  I’m Jeffrey Novak. I play bass and sing in Savoy Motel. I also produce and engineer our records along with writing the lion’s share of our songs so far, but I am only one piece of the larger jigsaw puzzle that is Savoy Motel. Jessica McFarland, who plays drums and sings, co-founded the band with me in 2014, and she brought Mimi Galbierz into the the fold on rhythm guitar and vocals. We were all big fans of the Nashville band, D. Watusi, and we were lucky enough to get the main man behind that group, Dillon Watson, on lead guitar.

Matty:  Savoy Motel has a very interesting sound, tell my readers how you would describe the Savoy Motel experience?

Jeffrey:  We as a group hear what we do as less of a sound that we have and more as feeling that we give off. We’re more interested in the vibe we put off, and how it sometimes gets returned back to us. The whole Savoy Motel experience is all about the positive energy exchange that we four all feel between each other as a group and how we project that to an audience.

Matty:  How was the tour with The Lemon Twigs, craziest tour memories with The Lemon Twigs?

Jeffrey:  Touring with the Twigs has been fantastic. None of us had met any of them before, we had only heard their album a couple times. I was honestly a little worried they were going to be some stuck up east coast brats, but I couldn’t have been more off with that assumption. They’re all just music crazy kids like us. We really hit it off with all of them pretty quickly. Michael does the best Todd Rundgren impersonation that really cracks me up. The craziest memory though ended up not actually involving them. We all believed we saw their van on the highway in Texas, so Mimi pulled up next to them so Jessica and Dillon could moon them, but it ended up not being their van and a random family got mooned. The shock on their faces was priceless! I can’t remember the last time I’ve laughed that hard.

Matty:  Is this your first time going across the pond to tour?  What are you expecting from the upcoming European tour?

Jeffrey:  No, we played a couple London dates last year that were a lot of fun. We were all kind of shocked that the crowds in London dug what we do so much. We had never received that strong of a reaction before. It was a nice boost to our morale. I’m not sure if any of us have any expectations for our upcoming European tour. It’s good to never expect much so you’re less likely to ever get disappointed.

Matty:  I love the video to “Sorry People”, it has almost 20,000 views from your YouTube page, tell us about that video!  What was the inspiration behind the song as well?

Jeffrey:  Thanks, “Sorry People” was inspired by the short time I lived in Memphis, and my two best friends there that I spent most of my time with that cold cold winter of 2009, Jay Reatard and Chris Shaw. Jay Reatard was always telling me that I should never apologize for anything, because that was a sign of weakness in his opinion. Jay and I lived together for the last 6 months of his life, and our buddy Chris Shaw was over at the house all the time. One late night, Chris spilled a beer on this Fender Rhodes I use to have, and he kept repeating, “I’m sorry Jeff…” over and over. Chris knows I’ve written a lot of songs about that whole Memphis period, and he’s probably the only person who could pick up all the references.

Matty:  Complete this sentence.  Savoy Motel is most influenced by…

Jeffrey:  The Rock’n'Roll spirit that consumes your soul as a teenager.

Matty:  If you could tour with any artist from today that has won a Grammy from this year, who would it be?

Jeffrey:  I wouldn’t have a clue. We only caught the tail end of the Grammies this year while we were at a bar in Austin, TX. I don’t care about awards or the artist at that level that receive those types of things, at least not since Steely Dan won Album Of The Year for Two Against Nature. That was cool.

Matty:  I give you $50 and you go to any restaurant, where would you go eat?

Jeffrey:  Hank’s Market in New Orleans, LA has the best fried chicken I’ve ever eaten. It cost $.99 for two dark pieces. I’d probably get four pieces again, like I did a couple days ago when we were back there, then I’d pocket the rest of the cash to hopefully score some of the Allen Toussaint or Dr. John records that I’m still looking for. I can not overstate how great the dark meat chicken is at Hank’s Market, which I should also mention is open 24/7. That chicken is better than drugs.

Matty:  What does the rest of 2017 hold for Savoy Motel?

Jeffrey: We’re currently working on our next album that will either be released before the end of the year or the beginning of next year sometime, depending on whatever Kevin at What’s Your Rupture? thinks will be best. We’re just trying to have it in the can before summer starts.

Matty:  Where can we find you all?

Jeffrey:  In Nashville, TN, hanging out when we’re not on the road.

Matty:  Thank you for your time to interview with us for MUEN Magazine!

Jeffrey:  Thank you!

And there you have it!  Check out their self-titled debut album, which is available at their shows and online retailers everywhere and check out the tour dates below!


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