“Epitome of Infamy” by Bonesteel, vivid imagery for vivid imaginations!

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Three members of Bonesteel from across North America combined efforts to create “Epitome of Infamy”, which was released March 4th, 2016.  Bonesteel, out of Los Angeles, California, is composed of Jake Bonesteel on vocals, Alex Cain on guitars, and Andres Vega on drums.  They released an EP that will send shockwaves through your system.

“Epitome of Infamy” starts off with an outstanding intro track entitled “The Pisces”.  The track does what an intro track is designed to do, and that is leave enough mystery for the listener to tune in and to build that anticipation for what’s upcoming on the record.  ”The Pisces” does just that for Bonesteel.  It leaves that mystery.

The mystery is unraveled with a blistering track entitled “AlcatraZ”!  This track blew me away.  Honestly, I was expecting “The Pisces” to flow into “AlcatraZ”, but as the track went on, I’m kind of glad it didn’t.  This track epitomizes(no pun intended) what Bonesteel is all about, and that is vivid imagery in the songwriting, arrangements in the music, and a take no prisoners attitude(again no pun intended) in the music.  In this particular track, I could picture a man literally having this hopeless feeling and seeking redemption away from his own prison.  We have ALL felt that despair at one point in our life, and honestly, it’s a feeling that I wouldn’t wish upon my own worst enemy.  Bonesteel does an outstanding job of painting that picture in “AlcatraZ”.

The imagery in the songwriting and arrangments continue on a consistent basis, such as the title track, “Going For The Kill”, and “Mythic Visions”.  There are songs that depict the negativity and trappings of fame and success in Hollywood, as well as inner struggles we face in our beliefs and in the decisions we make.  Again, Bonesteel does an exemplary job of depicting that in their songwriting and arrangements.  If you are a fan of bands like As Blood Runs Black, Chasing Safety, and Attila, do not hesitate to check out Bonesteel.  Check out the tracklisting below:

1.  ”The Pisces”

2.  ”AlcatraZ”

3.  ”Epitome of Infamy”

4.  ”Going For The Kill”

5.  ”Mythic Visions”

6.  ”Everest”


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