The Not-So-Silent Night Tour Tears Up Iowa!

December 6, 2016 by: Shauna O'Donnell

On a blustery cold Saturday night in Iowa, four bands decided to shake the foundation of Iowa with their collective raucous sets.  The critically acclaimed Not-So-Silent Night Tour featured Drowning Pool as the headliners, while Gemini Syndrome, 9Electric, and Red Tide Rising provided additional backup to the all-out sonic assault on Spicoli’s Rockade in Waterloo, Iowa.

Denver, Colorado natives Red Tide Rising were the first national touring act to take the stage.  Red Tide Rising provided somewhat of a unique look while proceeding to warm up the Waterloo crowd with their sonic guitar riffs and versatile vocals that the band possesses.  They played a couple of cuts off of their critically acclaimed EP entitled “Voices”, and they played an awesome cover of “Mad World” as well.  Please go to and hit the “like” button.  9Electric was next to take the stage.

9Electric formed as a band in 2010 out of Los Angeles, California.  You might have heard of their vocalist from the band Opiate For The Masses.  9Electric tore down the house with their set, playing cuts off of “The Damaged Ones”, the vocalist broke down the barriers between the stage and the audience and had the audience become one with the stage and the stage become one with the audience.  It is a party when 9Electric comes to your town.  They are absolutely one of the most fun bands out there, and yet they bring the energy and the take-no-prisoners attitude when they are on stage.  They played “The Damaged Ones” single, their hit “Goodbye”, and they closed off their set with a very nice tribute to Wayne Static of Static X(RIP Wayne) with their collaboration of “Destroy As You Go”.  Gemini Syndrome was next to take the stage.  Please give 9Electric a “like” on Facebook at

Gemini Syndrome is also out of Los Angeles, California.  9Electric brought the party, Red Tide Rising brought the sonic assault, Gemini Syndrome brings that flavor and introspection to the party that is the Not So Silent Night Tour.  I really dug their sound, they had bits of a tribal/Middle Eastern vibe to their music, and one can’t help but notice their philosophical and spiritual musings into their music.  They brought a bit of a worldly vibe to the fiesta.  The crowd went all out as they played their hits “Remember We Die” and “Stardust”.  Gemini Syndrome isn’t just some other band with a unique look, they’re a band that brings messages of philosophy and introspection into their music, which definitely brings about appreciation from a fanbase that appreciates arts and those aforementioned musings as a whole.  Please give Gemini Syndrome a “like” on their Facebook page at  The hard-rock legends Drowning Pool closed out the night.

Out of Dallas, Texas comes a band that brings the cynicism, anger, and all-out assault while leaving “Bodies” behind.  This band is known as Drowning Pool.  This band personifies adversity from going through lineup changes, untimely death of their original singer Dave Williams, to many other changes.  Yet this band perseveres as is showcased from their live set.  It’s like them playing live is therapy for this band.  They release their anger and aggression on that stage and transforms that anger and aggression into a form of therapy.  They opened up the night with the title track of their debut album entitled “Sinner”.  In my view, “Sinner” is a perfect way to start off the night.  Then they proceeded to play cuts including the WWE inspired “Step Up”, and cuts off of “Hellelujah”, including “We Are The Devil”, “By The Blood”, and “Hell To Pay”.  The crowd was always ignited when they played “Tear Away”, “Push”, and “Sermon”.  Then it was an all-out dance party when they closed the night with their big single “Bodies”.  Please check out Drowning Pool on Facebook at

If you need some metal to escape from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, then check out the tour dates below:

Tuesday, December 6th at The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan

Wednesday, December 7th at The Rusty Spur in Fort Wayne, Indiana

12/8 – Mansfield, Ohio – Whiskey Warehouse
12/9 – Stafford Springs, Conn. – The Palace Theater
12/10 – Lawrence, Mass. – The Claddagh Pub
12/11 – Poughkeepsie, N.Y. – The Chance Theater
12/12 – Stanhope, N.J. – The Stanhope House (no Gemini Syndrome)
12/14 – Clarence, N.Y. – Nashvilles II
12/15 – Amityville, N.Y. – Revolution Bar & Music Hall
12/16 – Jacksonville, N.C. – Hooligans
12/17 – Raleigh, N.C. – The Maywood
12/18 – Leesburg, Va. – Tally Ho Theatre
12/20 – Dayton, Ohio – Oddbody’s (no Gemini Syndrome)
12/21 – Evansville, Ind. – KC’s Time Out (no Gemini Syndrome)
12/22 – TBA
12/23 – Dallas, Texas – Trees (Toys for Tots show, no Gemini Syndrome)


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