“Machines Of Our Disgrace” by Circle Of Dust, pushing the envelope!

December 11, 2016 by: admin

On December 9th, the mastermind of Celldweller, Klayton and his band, Circle Of Dust, unleashed “Machines Of Our Disgrace” to the masses via FiXT!  Circle Of Dust promises to bring about some thought provocation, sensible electronic/programming elements, and quality musicianship in the industrial rock genre to the forefront.

“Machines Of Our Disgrace” brings about the thought provoking question throughout the record, “why does the human race do this to each other”.  This record brings about the Jon Stewart of The Daily Show quote that I will always remember, “I have far greater fear of what we do to each other over what any government or terrorist entity can do to us”.  Circle Of Dust breaks down this question in many forms throughout the record.

Our society is becoming increasingly concerned with mankind’s relationship with technology and how society has evolved or devolved from the growth of technology.  Nowadays, you see people glued to their phones checking their social media, taking pictures of their dinner, and creating stupid Snapchats instead of taking in what is around them and living in that particular moment.  Circle Of Dust addresses this in the title track and the track entitled “Contagion”.  I really enjoy the hard rock elements seamlessly fused with the electronic and programming sampling in these tracks.  The electronic sampling does what it should in a track, and that is provide a layer to the music and blend into the music instead of that element completely overriding the other elements of the music.

Klayton brings in his Celldweller background in the track “Embracing Entropy”.  The programming sampling takes over in this particular track as another layer of Circle Of Dust is revealed in this track.  Do we embrace the chaos that seems to consume our society or do we fight against it?  Again, another element of intelligence is explored in this concept?  It is that inner struggle that we all go through.  Do we just roll with the chaos that is consuming our society or do we fight against it or do we find that balance?  The lyrics in this track are incredibly catchy, and it will make Celldweller fans long for another Celldweller record.

The tracks “Hive Mind” and “Humanarchy” continue this exploration of man’s role in today’s society as it covers the philosophical/moral ambiguity on man’s current knowledge(or lack thereof) on scientific and political commentaries.  I can hear a very subtle tongue-in-cheek approach in the aforementioned tracks towards those that deny the ideas of climate change and Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.  ”alt_Human” and “Neurachem” explore on the topics of biohacking and genetic modifications.  One can also interpret this as how these technologies are too expansive in the sense that it’s even controlling and taking over our food supply.

Circle Of Dust fans have waited for 20 years between releases.  They will have to wait no longer, and the wait was definitely well worth it as Circle Of Dust brings back industrial rock the way it should sound, and it should be rocking hard, providing intelligence to the music, and the exploration of concepts into the music.  Check out the track listing below!

“Machines Of Our Disgrace” by Circle Of Dust

1.  ”Re-engage”

2. “Machines Of Our Disgrace”

3. “Contagion”

4. “Embracing Entropy” featuring Celldweller

5. “Humanarchy”

6. “Signal”

7. “alt_Human”

8. “Hive Mind”

9. “Outside In”

10. “Neurachem”

11. “k_OS”

12. “Neophyte”

13. “Malacandra”

Circle Of Dust just released their lyric video to “Embracing Entropy” Check it out below!

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