“Manifesto” by Seasons After, what determination should sound like!

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On November 11th, 2016, Wichita Kansas’ own Seasons After will be ready to drop “Manifesto” to the masses.

When I think of the word “Manifesto”, I think of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, I think of the Mayflower Compact, I think of various historical documents.  Yes, I am a history buff.  But, to me the word “manifesto” has a certain feeling of determination of challenging oneself to an ultimate goal, to rise to the occasion no matter what the obstacles may be, along with the feeling that if one gets knocked down, then one dusts themselves off and gets up to try again.  It’s the old Japanese proverb, “get knocked down seven times, get up eight times”.  Seasons After with their upcoming release, do a masterful job of conveying these thoughts and messages.

From a musical standpoint, the guitar solos are tastefully done, they fit the music, they allow for  certain climax to be built in the music in order to convey the emotions and the sense of urgency that “Manifesto” offers in the music.  We see various case studies of this in “Manifesto” ranging from their single entitled “Fighter” to the album closer “It’s So Hard”.  Yes, I said album closer, that means the album is not front loaded with the first three songs being good and the rest being filler.  Let me tell you, there is absolutely no filler in this record.  It rocks hard with sweeping guitar riffs, licks, and tastefully done noodling to a rhythm section that grooves and pounds in the same motion, and the vocals displaying a sense of emotion and urgency.  We even see a unique instrumental entitled “Into The Ether” that somehow provides the continuation of the story and emotions conveyed in “Manifesto”.

The lyrical content in Seasons After displays some of the most mature songwriting that will cause the listener to drop everything that they’re doing, to stand up, and to pay attention to what Seasons After has to say.  The lyrics are powerful with the symbolism including not letting the world beat you down in a “World Gone Mad”, although it feels like there are crosses that we are bearing in this life  Other symbolism and imagery include losing loved ones and recovering from that loss as evident in “From The Edge” and “You Changed Me”.  Sometimes, we just can’t force the other person to change, we just have to let go in order for us to feel that freedom and liberation again.  Based on this, Seasons After writes lyrics that are universally relatable while rocking and melting your face off!

I will not understand how this band continues to fly under the radar.  Seasons After has a gift of writing their rock music to where the screams and guitar riffs and solos should appeal to metalheads, while having the sensibility and uniqueness to appeal to the mainstream rock fan.  ”Manifesto” is their best music to date and most mature sounding that Seasons After has ever sounded.  I expect them to use this “Manifesto” to begin reaching the masses and getting the masses to conform!  Here is the track listing to “Manifesto”.  If you pre-order the album, you can get three gratitude tracks upon the pre-order.  Click here to pre-order!

“Manifesto” by Seasons After

1.  ”From The Edge”

2.  ”Fighter”

3.  ”Manifesto”

4.  ”Hate Me”

5.  ”Into The Ether”

6.  ”You Changed Me”

7.  ”Through The Rain”

8.  ”Falling”

9.  ”What You Do”

10.  ”Kiss Me To Kill Me”

11.  ”World Gone Mad”

12.  ”Things Are Tough”

13.  ”It’s So Hard”

On November 11th, go and pick up “Manifesto” by Seasons After whereever music is sold!  Go to www.facebook.com/seasonsafternation and hit the “like” button, as well as www.seasonsafter.com, and follow them on Instagram at www.instagram.com/seasonsafter and follow them on Twitter at www.twitter.com/SeasonsAfter.  They are currently embarking on a tour and are also playing with Flaw on select dates.  Check out the tour dates below!

Tuesday, November 1st at The Ready Room in St. Louis, Missouri

Thursday, November 3rd at Aftershock in Merriam, Kansas

Saturday, November 5th at The Back Bar in Janesville, Wisconsin (w/Flaw)

Friday, November 11th at Music Factory in Battle Creek, Michigan (w/Flaw)

Sunday, November 13th at The Metal Grill in Cudahy, Wisconsin (w/Flaw)

Friday, November 18th at Diesel Lounge in Chesterfield, Michigan (w/Flaw)

Saturday, November 19th at The Warehouse in Clarksville, Tennessee

Sunday, November 20th at Cheer’s in South Bend, Indiana

Friday, November 25th at Live On Main in Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Saturday, November 26th at Every Buddy’s in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin (w/Flaw)

Saturday, December 3rd at The Brat Shop in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Saturday, December 10th at 18th Street Pier in San Leon, Texas

Sunday, December 11th at BFE Rock Club in Houston, Texas

Monday, December 12th at Thunder Alley in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Friday, December 16th at Our Place Tavern in Bismarck, North Dakota

“Fighter” by Seasons After

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