Motograter with special guests Thira, Dead Horse Trauma, and Lydia Can’t Breathe: Show Review by Matty

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Written by: Matty
Motograter with special guests Thira, Dead Horse Trauma, and Lydia Can’t Breathe
Thursday, May 28th, 2015
The Afterlife Lounge in Algona, Iowa

Thursday, May 28th, 2015, as summer rolls around the corner, it gets to be a great time for bands to showcase their skills and for upstart bands to showcase their talent in front of national touring bands.  The small town of Algona, Iowa(which I don’t think has 10,000 people residing in that town) got a taste of the upcoming The Civil Unrest tour, which is going to feature Ill Nino, Straight Line Stitch, Davey Suicide, as well as several of the acts on this bill including Motograter, Thira, and Lydia Can’t Breathe.  For a complete listing of the tour package, please check it out here.  In the near future, I will be posting my conversation with Kayden of Thira as well as my conversation with Kyle of Lydia Can’t Breathe.
As I get into the venue, I really like the atmosphere that The Afterlife Lounge provides.  It can be a multi-purpose venue and the stage and the floor is ample enough room for concert-goers and bands/recording artists to rock out on stage.  It was a decent crowd, I felt the crowd could’ve been a lot better but there was some race going on at the local race track, and if you know the North Iowa area, you must understand that local racing is a way of life around these parts.  Two local Iowa bands that I got to check out were The Rising Plague and Apathy Syndrome.  The Rising Plague, out of Burt, Iowa, brought a tight death-metal sound to The Afterlife Lounge, and the last song they played was entitled “Soul Reaver”, which paid total homage to the classic Playstation game.  I see The Rising Plague doing well for themselves as long as they get continue to take advantage of opportunities that come their way. Des Moines’ own Apathy Syndrome was next to take the stage.  They melted faces with their riffs, stage presence, and musicianship.  For a regional band, they are taking what is theirs and going to be on their way to the next level with their look and unique sound.  Picture a metal band that’s obsessed with horror flicks and you get Apathy Syndrome.  Primarily, I was impressed with the following that came with them for a local/regional band.  Lydia Can’t Breathe was next to take the stage.
Lydia Can’t Breathe, who all dressed as the Reservoir Dogs movie characters, brought the entertainment, fun, and rock-n-roll spirit to The Afterlife Lounge.  Coming up at MUEN Magazine, you will get to check out my interview with Kyle, the vocalist/guitarist of Lydia Can’t Breathe.  Out of Melbourne, Florida, they brought the first sampling of The Civil Unrest tour appetizer.  At the end of this article, you will get to check out the tour dates for The Civil Unrest tour.  The sampling they brought was literally tasty, as they recruited volunteers on stage to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and the crowd was eating the sandwiches and rocking out to their music.  They brought the funk and reggae spirit in “Winner”, while bringing the metal riffage to the rest of their set.  Lydia Can’t Breathe is to be taken seriously, although they don’t seem to take themselves too seriously, personality wise.  Melbourne, Florida should be proud of this four-piece band as they have a lot of momentum going into The Civil Unrest tour. Check out Lydia Can’t Breathe on their official website as well as their Facebook page here. Des Moines’ own Dead Horse Trauma was next to take the stage.
What can I say about Dead Horse Trauma?  Being familiar with the Iowa music scene, if you would’ve told me that if I thought Dead Horse Trauma had what it took to make it to the big time, I probably would’ve said “not quite”.  They must’ve heard my cynicism and other critics’ cynicism as they went full throttle and proceeded to conquer Iowa and the Midwest, now they have toured nationwide with I-Exist, Gears, provided support for various national touring bands in the Midwest area, now they can add a national tour with Motograter to their resume.  I apologize for doubting you Dead Horse Trauma.  I was pleasantly surprised when I last saw them headline the House of Bricks(RIP) in Des Moines with I-Exist and GEARS providing support.  After their set on Thursday night, I have a high expectation now of them because of their ability to captivate an audience, command a stage, and how to engage a crowd for audience participation at will. Going forward, I have the expectation for them to deliver each and every night live. I see this band receiving the torch from Slipknot as continuing to put Iowa on the map.  The crowd participation to “Psycho” was second to none.  Please check out Dead Horse Trauma’s official website as well as their Facebook page here.  Minneapolis’s own Thira was next to take the stage.
I looked up the word unique in Webster’s Dictionary and in the third definition is a picture of the band Thira, out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, on there.  One thing that impressed me about Thira was that they provided support for the local bands as well as the touring bands to a T, whether it was soundcheck, loading in, tearing down the set, building the set, and the like.  Thira is about the fans as they want to connect with each audience member on an interpersonal basis.  Soon, you will get to see my interview with Kayden “The Aviator”, the vocalist of Thira right here on MUEN Magazine.  Thira is described to be an industrial metal band and they brought the intensity and take no prisoners mentality to The Afterlife Lounge.  I really enjoyed their unique look that they brought on the stage.  It was like stonewashed suits with some type of particles of dust that provided a strange glow all over their suits.  They brought the groove and industrial metal sound to Algona.  I was impressed with their drummer in particular, as he was crashing the cymbals so hard that the audience could see bits and pieces of the cymbals break off due to the intensity that he brought behind the kit.  Kayden had a ridiculous stage presence and the growls that he did with his vocals showcased a lot of stamina and strength in his vocal cords.  One was not allowed to be a spectator during Thira’s set.  In fact, Kayden went to the other end of the venue and attempted to engage the audience, while providing humor on the way back.  They played cuts off of their 2013 release entitled “Vein I:  Varying States of Decay”, as well as their new single entitled “Fathoms”.  Please go to their official website here in order to check out their music in its entirety.  Also, please check out their Facebook page here.  They brought the second sampling to appetizer for the upcoming The Civil Unrest tour.  This sampling was the Frank’s Hot Sauce that you put on your ramen noodles.  Because like Frank’s Hot Sauce, Thira makes every tour package tastier and able to blend in to any type of billing.  Lastly, Motograter took the stage.
Motograter, out of Santa Barbara, California brought the energy to close out the show.  I really liked their look with their trademark black and white body paint, with the exception of the vocalist, in which he had just black body paint covering the middle of the upper part of his body and face.  The dual drumming and the unique drum set added to the experience that is a Motograter live show.  I could tell that their openers and direct support acts were appreciative of Motograter being active supporters of what they are trying to accomplish.  I felt that Motograter leads by example on how to take care of an up and coming band as well as supporting the local scene as well.  They played cuts that were underground sensations in the Ozzfest days such as “Suffocate”, “New Design”, and “Down”, as well as other hits from their glory days in 2003.  They also roadtested some new material, including “Paragon”, as well as road-tested several new songs after they decided to get the band back together in 2014.  I really liked their stage presence and the dual drumming that really added to the live performance of Motograter.  If you can’t decide between Mudvayne or Slipknot, Motograter is a great compromise between the two bands. Check out Motograter’s Facebook page here.
I really want to encourage my readers to go to a local show.  I don’t care if it’s your favorite band coming to town, or a local show at a dive location.  Please support the music scene.  You can always listen to it on I-Tunes, Spotify, or even if you decided to keep your record or cassette player.  The live experience is where you get to see musicians hone their craft, and engage with the audience.  Support local music!  Support your local music venue.
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