“We Found Roads” by You Knew Me When CD Review

March 30, 2015 by: admin

Review By: Matty

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and make a trail”- Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The husband-wife duo of You Knew Me When, which is comprised of Karisa Hoover, and her husband Cie Hoover are set to blaze a trail and to find what these particular roads are going to lead them with their latest offering entitled “We Found Roads”, due out on April 14th on I-Tunes, Amazon, and their website, and whereever you find them on tour, which is pretty much any nook and cranny, winery, club, brewery, amongst other places.  If there is an audience, You Knew Me When is bound to play for them.
“We Found Roads” starts off with an emotionally filled track into “Roads”.  This track tells a tale of not looking back and starting a new adventure in life.  It feels personal, it tugs at the heartstrings, and it offers the listener a newfound hope and courage into finding that road less traveled, and not looking back on innocence lost and regret.  It tells a beautiful story and the metaphors in this song can be universally applicable to one’s life.  Cie has grown exponentially as a singer and a guitarist.  As a critic, I absolutely love how the guitar picks up the tempo and how Karisa blends her voice.  I love how she doesn’t try to overpower Cie in the background vocals, she blends the voice perfectly into Cie’s voice.  ”Roads” breaks into the song entitled “The Game”.
There’s a boy, there’s a girl, hands come together, never to be torn apart is the lyric that I am using in the description of this track.  The tempo is smooth and sleek like the finest silk.  I love the instrumental break in this track.  The xylophone that Karisa plays blends in flawlessly with the drums and the guitars that Cie and the other musicians offer in this track.  It tells a lovely tale of not being complacent with your loved ones and finding new adventures in the relationship.
“Time”, “There Will Be Days”, and “To Whom It May Concern” continue to take the listener on the emotionally packed journey.  You Knew Me When does an excellent job of expressing the gamut of emotions throughout this offering.  They have incorporated a lot of progression, their unique and flawless harmonic vocals, and have grown in terms of songwriting from the depths of their soul.
The particular track I want to talk about is the heartbreaking and heartstring tugging song entitled “Live Now”.  This could be a sledgehammer to the gut and ripping one’s heart out of the chest type of song.  Yet, there is a total sense of beauty done with the songwriting and singing.  I picture in this song a man or a woman overlooking the ocean with tears in their eyes as the couple goes on their separate ways.  Such a sad track.  I normally don’t get goosebumps, but the frisson was turned up to 11 in this track.  If you don’t know what frisson is, go to www.dictionary.com and look it up :)  Yet, there’s a sense of hope that it’s time to move on and move forward and live with no regrets.
The storytelling, the arrangements, and the musicianship have shown me that You Knew Me When is arriving on those streets that are paved with gold. Tracks such as “Just Say Cheese” will leave you light on your feet, while tracks such as “Live Now” will tug at your heart and soul, while tracks such as “Roads” will leave you clinging to hope. “We Found Roads” is emotionally heavy, spiritually heavy, with arrangements that are full and deep in the music, yet it makes the listener’s heart feel light while getting lost into another dimension in the music.  This is their best offering yet.  April 14th, please get this album.  Please “like” You Knew Me When on Facebook here, go to their official website here, and follow them on Twitter here.  Track listing is below:
“We Found Roads by You Knew Me When
1.  Roads
2.  The Game
3.  Time
4.  There Will Be Days
5.  Live Now
6.  To Whom It May Concern
7.  The Reason
8.  Just Say Cheese
9.  Dance
10.  Silhouettes
11.  Silhouettes-Part Two
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