“Tales of a Melancholic” by Pryti Music Review By: Matty

March 4, 2015 by: admin

Pryti- Out of the United Kingdom

CD Review By: Matty

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Out of London comes a diverse array of talent and music wrapped up into a nice package by Pryti, entitled “Tales of a Melancholic”.  In this latest offering, any guitar, vocals, or bass that you here in the music, she arranged the music and wrote the haunting, yet anthemic lyrics.  Pryti draws influences ranging from Deftones, Die So Fluid, Tonight Alive, and from a vocal standpoint, a darker, moodier version of Hayley Williams of Paramore.
The musicianship will drive the listener mad with the intense, yet brooding guitar riffs, and the lyrics are haunting, yet they seem to provide brief moments of clarity in the music.  The song “Purge” especially stands out to me, especially the chorus.  The chorus:
I can’t hold you
There’s nothing to cling to
You always seem to fall
Right through my hands
I guess I wallow in this
Maybe hide in my denial
Cause I don’t know how to purge this out

The chorus and the bridge in “Purge” is sung with such gutwrenching emotions that it makes the listener feel like they took a sledgehammer to the gut.  Pryti, whatever this song is about, I suddenly feel your pain.  Pryti does a wonderful job on conveying the brooding, maddening, and melancholy mood in this record that seems to entail about letting go, broken relationships, and the various fears that we all go through in the human existence.
What I especially appreciate about Pryti’s latest offering is that the music isn’t rushed.  Each riff, lyric, and beat is carefully planned and well thought out as if it had a purpose to the climax in the song.  I see nothing but a world of potential in Pryti.  I want to thank Jesea Lee from High Road Publicity for introducing me to this band.  Below, check out Pryti’s single entitled “Abyss” below.
“Abyss” by Pryti


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