Emperors and Elephants with Surrender the Fall and special guest Artifas Show Review By: Matty

August 5, 2014 by: admin
Emperors and Elephants with Surrender the Fall and special guest Artifas Show Review
By: Matty
Friday, August 1st, 2014
The Afterlife Lounge in Algona, Iowa
There is something to be said about following one’s dreams and personal ambitions.  It takes hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and commitment.  It takes possibly going without a shower or a hot meal for the day.  It takes having to ride with the same people in a 15-passenger van while braving the elements and having wear and tear on your vehicle.  Sometimes, it even takes multiple people sharing the same hotel room.  One day you might play in front of thousands of people at a festival, the next day, the band might be encountered with having a county fair with the hottest cover band known as Hairball playing a concert on the same night in a small town in Iowa.  The latter was what Emperors and Elephants, Surrender the Fall, and Artifas all had to go up against. Sometimes, it’s hard to compete with a county fair that has carnival rides, games, a petting zoo, and live music all for one price.  That didn’t stop these three bands from playing their hearts out and leaving it all on the stage at The Afterlife Lounge in Algona, Iowa.  Artifas, out of Memphis, Tennessee, was the first touring band to take the stage.
Prior to Artifas’ set, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jared Cole, the vocalist for Surrender the Fall, be on the lookout for the interview on MUEN Magazine within the next couple of days.  Jared urged me to check out Artifas and he said if were to go into band management, this would be the first band he would sign.  There were roughly a couple of dozen people at the venue during this time, luckily, a couple of dozen more straggled into the venue after the Kossuth County Fair was shutting down for the evening.  Artifas took the stage and my jaw hit the floor.  Jared told me that they recently replaced their rhythm section with new members and they sound tighter than ever before.  I couldn’t have agree more with Jared’s sentiments.  I was blown away by Artifas’ energy.  Most of all, they get it!  They had to have been disappointed with the turnout, however, they gained new fans that night and when they come back, those new fans will tell their friends about Artifas, therefore creating an even better turnout.  Word of mouth will always be the best form of advertising there is.  The song that stood out to me was their single entitled “Broken Wings”.  I felt the mood shift and they seemed to only have gained the big M-O from playing that song.  Artifas plays with raw emotion, passion, and real intensity on that stage.  Please check Artifas out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Artifas and throw them a “like” on there.  Check out their song entitled “Broken Wings” below.
“Broken Wings” by Artifas
Surrender The Fall, also out of Memphis, Tennessee, was next to take the stage.  In terms of stage presence and audience engagement, I would put up Jared Cole against any frontman in hard rock music today.  He gets it.  He is gifted at the art of being a rock-n-roll frontman.  Surrender The Fall continues to leave me awestruck with their live performance.  They are honest, hard working, and play with such a fire inside of them that’s waiting to be spread out of control and engulf the venue with that fire.  They provided their audience with a connection that won’t soon be forgotten at all.  Rick Anderson, previously of Joan Red, has been a nice addition to the rhythm section for Surrender The Fall.  Surrender The Fall did a nice medley cover of “Hey Man, Nice Shot”, originally done by Filter and “Closer”, originally done by Nine Inch Nails.  They closed out their set with “Some Kind of Perfect” and had the audience rocking out on stage with them with their hit entitled “Love Hate Masquerade”.  If you haven’t picked up a copy of “Burn In The Spotlight”, I strongly encourage you to do so by going to i-Tunes or any music outlet and pick up a copy.  Also, check them out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Surrenderthefall and throw them a “like” as well.  Check out their latest video entitled “Some Kind of Perfect” below.
“Some Kind of Perfect” by Surrender The Fall
Lastly, Emperors and Elephants, of Chicago, Illinois, were the last to take the stage.  The Kossuth County Fair and Hairball must have finished because I saw more people walk into The Afterlife Lounge in time to see Emperors and Elephants take the stage.  Jesse Andrew commands the stage and shows his genuine gratitude every chance that he gets while singing every word from the depths of his soul.  I was impressed with the tight guitar work of Randy Cooper, formerly of Texas Hippie Coalition, and Jeff Windisch.  Also, be on the lookout for my interview with the entire band sans Randy Cooper, he had a hankering for McDonald’s during the interview, a person’s gotta eat, what else is there more to say.  They gave The Afterlife Lounge a performance to remember throughout their set.  They killed it when they played their latest single entitled “Man of God” and “Who You Are”.  They played the show as if they were on stage at a large European festival.  Emperors and Elephants played quite the unique cover of “Wicked Game”, originally done by Chris Isaak.  Emperors and Elephants are gaining a lot of momentum as they will be opening nationwide for hard-rock heavyweights Tantric coming up and also opening a show for Bobaflex coming up in their hometown of Chicago.  Emperors and Elephants are the next band to carry the Chicago hard-rock banner and they will carry it like Genghis Khan carried his Mongolian banner.  Check out Emperors and Elephants on Facebook at www.facebook.com/EmperorsandElephants and throw them a “like”.  Also, check out their latest DIY single that was filmed from their garage below entitled “Man of God”.
“Man of God” by Emperors and Elephants
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