OTTO VECTOR “No.9 North” CD Review By: Macavity

October 9, 2013 by: admin


“No.9 North”

By: Macavity

After listening to Otto Vector for several years and reviewing them before “No.9 North” was awaited with much anticipation. And there was certainly no disappointment with “No.9 North.” The band has kept their sound firmly placed in dance and electronica but have added more of the Motown sound to this album. That Motown sound gives this CD a different level of richness that just fits them well and enhances what they write and perform. Another aspect of the album is more variation in tempo and feel from previous albums with no loss of intricacy in their music and especially vocals.

They have just added more layers and more interest to the entire CD so that each tune is better than the one before. There again, that is a signature of Otto Vector and how they release their music. Their awesome keys and instruments are there and the manipulation of sounds is there too but notched up to match the slightly darker feel of some songs and to match vocal changes in others.

The layers and vocal changes are evident with the sultry harmonies in “Fun Ton.” Those same harmonies also make an appearance in “Forget About Them.” The harmonies take an assertive tone in “No Coincidence” and have a great edgy anger that makes the song a standout in every way! “9th Floor” has some of those clever vocal and musical manipulations that make for one of their most skillful songs. “Tree House” is a mash up of all the best of band and shows both an ethereal delicate quality and the strength in their vocals and music. This song is an anthem that could apply to so many situations and feelings.

Otto Vector has that sound that you just enjoy listening to but also seems so right in a soundtrack or ad because it is unforgettable in every note played or sung. The writing and arrangement of their music makes it just something that stays in your mind for all the right reasons. Not sure where the fictional No. 9 North is heading but know this latest offering from Otto Vector is their best yet and they are on track to be appreciated by many new fans. Grab up “No.9 North” and listen from start to finish and try to figure out what song is your favorite. They all will be and that’s a guarantee!

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