Interview with Willpowerless By: Mary Rhoden

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Interview with Willpowerless

By: Mary Rhoden

Who is Willpowerless?

We’re a four-piece hard rock band from Philadelphia, PA.  The current lineup is back to the original members; brothers Ryan and Jordan Panfil, Craig Steel, and Jacob Castro.

Willpowerless vs Willpower. Which shows more strength? Give me some examples of things that leave you willpowerless and some examples of willpower strengths.

Having willpower easily requires more strength. The name ‘Willpowerless’ describes humans in general, as in we choose what feels better at the time rather than what we know is right or best for us. The easiest way to describe it would be sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll.

Describe your own music.

Kick ass hard rock.

Over the last 6 months what cities/venues have you performed in?

The latest tour schedule included two tours of the mid-west with American Head Charge, Taproot, Boy Hits Car, and Psychostick.  We did everything from Ohio to Minnesota all the way to Texas. Some of the standout clubs were Peabody’s, First Avenue, Trees, the Filmore and a whole bunch more.

Think back to the day you guys set off on your first tour ever. Describe that day.

Excitement.  We were like giddy little girls!  It’s what every local band dreams of, and we’re happy to have had the opportunity to build on that.

What were some of the highlights of your last Warped Tour? What’s going on with current or upcoming tours?

Probably the ability to meet and hang out with bands that you’ve always looked up to.The shows were always fun, but it’s more about networking and building your resume and fan-base to move on to bigger, better things.

Out of all of your live performances over the years which one really sticks with you as: best, worst, most fun, most out there, most out of control? This is gonna be hard . .

Best? TreesDallas, TX
Worst? Who knows! There have been so many bad ones. Lol
Most fun? Definitely our home shows.
Most out there? Cheers – South Bend, IN
Most out of control?Warped Tour. All of them.

What’s going on with releases, past and current?

Our past releases can be found all over online, plus free downloads at Go download and share! We’re scheduled to hit the studio at the end of October with Taylor Larson to record our new single “Hot Whiskey”. We’ll be including a badass music video with that done by Mitch Martinez and both will be supported with tour dates in early 2014. We’re pumped!

American Psycho vs Only One Person. Which video was the hardest to shoot?

Definitely “Only One Person”. It was hot, there was limited power (we had to use our tour trucks generator), there were missing floor panels and nails everywhere, random interested kids interfering with every take, and so on.  What came out better?  I think the people would agree that American Psycho is the fan favorite so far.

American Psycho vs Only One Person. Do your own comparison.

If Willpowerless got to morph into its on movie or comic book which would you be and what’s the storyline?

Definitely movie.  We’re more of a humorous bunch, not save the world type.  The storyline would be our lives.  Just a week of our reality on the road as a band is pretty hilarious.

What was the weirdest thing that:
Ever inspired a song?

We don’t really have a weird song, but the most influential to us would be “Justin’s Song”. It was dedicated to our buddy Justin who we lost way too soon.
You were asked to autograph? Private parts.
A fan ever did? Carved our name into her chest with an exact-o-knife.
A band member ever did, on stage or off? Nothing. We’re not weird!

Who writes the music and the lyrics?

We try to write everything together as a band but lyrically, Ryan and Jake spend the most time in that world.

Favorite late night food?

Shit.There’s so many. WhatABurger???

Favorite downtime activity?

Disc golf, real golf, writing music, skateboarding, and art.

What artists do you guys personally like to listen to?

We listen to everything from John Mayer to Slayer. But we’re a more hard rock / metal based band.

Word association “sail”. What comes to mind first?

I guess our track The Here and Now. That’s not really a fair question though. Lol

What do you want people to know about Willpowerless that they might not know?

We’re easy going and we love meeting new fans.

Do you have a message for your fans? For your critics?

Like it or not, we’re not going anywhere any time soon.

Any thoughts on the music industry in general ? Advice for other artists?

Don’t give up but remember you only get back what you put in.

Think ahead one year. What do you think is going on with Willpowerless?

Hopefully more of the same, only better!

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