Interview with Jesse and Matt of The Persevering Promise By: Mary Rhoden

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Interview with The Persevering Promise

By: Mary Rhoden

Who is The Persevering Promise?

Matt Hoos: Clean Vocals

Jesse Barton: Screams/Guitar

Phil Keon: Lead Guitar

Chase Williams: Drums

Hampton Amos: Bass

Where is home base?

Good ol’ Spokane Washington. It’s ghetto, but the music scene is awesome thanks to our good friend Ryan Levy & Monumental Booking.

What’s the story behind the name and the band’s formation?

We all were friends before this band so for us it was easy. We were all in local bands in the surrounding area before we were started this band. Once those projects ended we created this one. All of us have been in bands where some members are unmotivated and we all know how tough that can be, so when we started this band we all hit it hard and have gave it everything we’ve had since. None of us really know how to do much else, so we keep playing music together.

Describe your own music.

We consider ourselves a Post-Hardcore/Metalcore band. We do post hardcore without all the overproduction. It’s metalcore with a lot of melody and clean vocals. 

Describe yourselves.

Super ridiculous, cynical, really chill, and really fun. We only take our music serious. Everything else is free game. There’s never a dull moment when we are together.

What’s the details on ” An Illusion in Shambles”?

An Illusion in Shambles, the record is really just a reflection of our personal experiences. We all have our struggles and our ups and downs, and An Illusion in Shambles is full of songs that deal with those struggles. The songs help the listener find the light in these tough times and hardship. With this record I think we nailed it. Pick up the record and make the call for yourself! You can pick it up at Best Buy,,, iTunes, or pick it up at a show!

How was Warped Tour 2013? Favorite moment? Least favorite moment?

It was amazing! It’s always a blast to be out there with our fans and potential new fans/friends. We met so many great people and lifetime memories. Favorite part was sneaking onto an alpine slide with my friends Charles, Andy, Candace, and Adam in the middle of the night in Pomona California… The least favorite is always going home… 

Which TPP song seems to be a crowd favorite at live shows?

Our set is designed around our live show. So we try to pack it full of “crowd favorites”, but to name a few:

‘And So Dies the Dreamer’, ‘The Death of All Things Pure’ and ‘Crown the Victor’

all get the crowd pumped.

Forget reality for a moment. You’re a superhero . What’s your power?
Matt: Create and control fire

Jesse: stop time and teleport like Hiro. 

Who are some of YOUR favorite artists?

Matt: I listen to everything. I’d like to share the stage with Ashylus, The Ongoing Concept and Verbera. The bands I like to watch live are The ongoing concept and the chariot.
Jesse: There are entirely too many to list: Brand New, Saosin, As I Lay Dying, Volumes, The Spill Canvas. I’d like to share the stage with The Ongoing Concept, Verbera, Storm the Bay and my brother Josh Barton. I love to watch As I Lay Dying, The Ongoing Concept, The Chariot and Silverstein.

What do you feel has evolved most with TPP’s music since the first few months of existing?

Us as musicians… We now know the sound of music that we love and that we want to play. With every song we develop and refine the things that make our music what it is.

Word association ” fragile ” what comes to mind first?

Matt: Chases cymbals haha

Jesse: Phil

Describe a day in shooting the video for “Colors”.

Jesse: It was awesome! We just got a bunch of friends together and had a blast. Our good buddy Cameron Price wants to be an actor so we asked him to come out and be a part of our music video. One of the girls from Ladies of Metal came out and pretended to be my cheating girlfriend.

We wanted to make a Tarantino style film when shooting this.. start it off at the climax, backtrack and explain. haha some people seem shocked by the ending but it was all just for fun. It’s not like we really wish harm on anyone!

As far as your genre, what artists do you consider as primarily responsible for bringing it more mainstream?

A Day to Remember, The Devil Wears Prada

Memphis May Fire, Sleeping with Sirens, Blessthefall

What’s the last city you performed in?

Coeur d’ Alene ID

Prank you pulled?

We convinced our manager that Chase was leaving the band because he was having a baby. That didn’t sit so well.

Movie you saw?

Matt: A Skate Tape

Jesse: James and the Giant Peach

Thing you were asked to autograph?
Matt: An Applebee’s menu

Jesse: Someone’s new pair of Vans

What’s something people might not know about TPP that you wish they did?

That we are super laid-back guys. Were normal people just like you and we want all of our fans to know that any time they can come and talk to us because we are friends. We are always just a click away. Shoot us a message or comment. We will always get back to you =)

Oh and our name is PERSEVERING, not preserving or perserving (which is not even a word) PER-SE-VERING. ;-)

Do you have any advice for other artists?

Matt: Work hard, never give up, and stay invested.

Jesse: As Silverstein says, “Follow your dreams. If you don’t try, you fail…”

Do you think TPP can write its own future? If so, what do you see?
Matt: Absolutely… I see five people who will never give up until we’ve accomplished our dreams.

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