Guitarist, Kink of KingShifter Discusses 26 Tons, Misconceptions of ‘Stoner Metal’, and More

October 6, 2013 by: admin

Guitarist, Kink of KingShifter Discusses 26 Tons, Misconceptions of ‘Stoner Metal’, and More

By: Gerard Ucelli

KingShifter is a hard rock band hailing from Wichita, KS that signed to Pavement Entertainment this year. According to their ReverbNation, they’re a band that follows no trends with music that speaks for itself. Not to mention they’re all about the riffs and booze.

Their vocalist, Sprout adds a highly reminiscent vibe of grunge and groove metal from the 1990s, which sounds like a combination between Alice In Chains and Pantera. Such a comparison can easily be proven after listening to their first LP, 26 Tons, which was released on September 3rd.

Kink was nice enough to talk about 26 Tons and the experience behind writing their first LP. “We were a little nervous at first because it was our follow up and people really liked the first EP. We had ten songs written and felt great about them, but when we signed with Pavement, we took away three songs and replaced them with newer songs we wrote. We were wondering at first if it was going to flow with the rest of the songs we created. They ended up being our three favorite songs off the album,” said Kink.

Right after 26 Tons was released; Decibel Magazine came out with a very harsh review saying that King Shifter was marketed as stoner metal as well as being called a terrible knock off of Stone Temple Pilots. Kink went on and said “we don’t classify ourselves as stoner metal. There always has to be a label and genre for everything. We try to keep it simple, groovy, and rocking.”

There’s always that guy in a crowd of remotely positive love when it comes to 26 Tons and that’s not going to stop KingShifter from ‘Downing Booze and Raising Hell’ according to the patch they made earlier this month.

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