Interview with Devin Hightower of Surrender the Fall By: Mary Rhoden

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Interview with Devin Hightower of Surrender the Fall

By: Mary Rhoden

Surrender The Fall is a Rock band based out of Memphis. They are currently labeled with Rum Bum Records, have shared the stage with acts like Alice In Chains, My Darkest Days, Stone Sour and many others. They’ve survived line-up changes, shifts in their own music direction and personal tragedies without losing their hunger, desire and drive to keep the dream alive. There have been plenty of highs along the way. Nikki Sixx took interest in the video for their song Love, Hate, Masquerade”, which also made Billboard’s Top 50 Active Rock chart. The video for their song Some Kind of Perfect debuted on MTV a few months ago while widespread recognition continues to grow. In their own words “Surrender The Fall couldn’t be more pleased. After adversity and struggle, they’re living the rock ‘n’ roll dream on their own terms. All that’s left to now, Cole says, is raise your middle fingers and crank the amps up to 11!” Their third single, Pitiful”,  is set to release to radio very soon. Devin (bass) talks about their time at the famous Sonic Ranch studio in the interview. It wasn’t all recording, fun and games. Some weird things went down in a dangerous time for that area. Bullets, blood, ghosts? If they can deal with all that and still manage to get the job done, and done well, it’s a safe bet Surrender The Fall is here to stay.

Who is Surrender the Fall?

Jared Cole – Lead vocals

Anthony Pitts – guitar

Eddie Tyre- guitar

Devin Hightower- Bass

Rick Anderson- Drums

I know the story behind the name but for people that don’t would you mind sharing the meaning?

The meaning for us is “giving up the option to fail” . If failing is not an option then all that’s left is success. We are a very driven band and we believe in ourselves and the truth behind our music.

Describe your own music. Who writes the music and lyrics?

Our music is truth and a reflection of ourselves. We aren’t out to live a lie, everything comes from the heart and past events in our lives. We collectively write all the music and lyrics together. There is not just one or two writers in this band which is why we believe our music is what it is.

Describe yourselves.

Jared is a very deep individual who is very in touch with himself and the world around him.

Anthony is the kind of friend that always has your back no matter what.

Eddie is the kind of guy that you always have a good time with. He is super positive and is out to make sure everyone has a good time.

Rick is a big teddy bear, he also is a blast to be around and is down for whatever comes his way.

I (Devin) am always looking out for others. Try to make sure everyone is happy and if there is a problem it gets taken care of. Also I love fishing which is  why all my Musicman basses have fish all over them.

It’s been kind of a roller coaster ride for you guys. What’s been the biggest challenge and what are you the most proud of overcoming ?

Like many bands, one of the hardest parts is getting a band full of members on the same page with the same dream and awesome chemistry on and off stage. We went through many years of member changes and I believe we have finally found our core. The thing I personally am most proud of is actually getting out on the road and earning the respect of fans and other touring acts. We have all spent our lives watching other bands and learning our craft and I believe we deliver a fun high energy show that makes people leave wanting more .

You’re now teamed up with Rum Bum Records and I’ve heard you guys kind of clicked with them from the beginning . What makes them different from some other labels in your experience /opinion ?

I think the difference is that we aren’t just another band on a roster to them. We are an extension of their family.

I’ve heard some pretty weird things went on while you guys were recording at Sonic Ranch in Texas . What actually went down?

Funny thing about all that is that it mainly happened to me. The studio we were at ” Sonic Ranch” is located outside of El Paso in a town called Tornillo. The ranch itself sits on the border of Texas and Mexico and the border fence actually runs on the property. We were there during the time when all the Mexican drug cartels were going from town to town and causing all those horrible disturbances. I woke up one morning and  noticed a fresh bullet hole in my window to my room and a whole in the wall by the headboard of my bed. I shrugged it off and felt very lucky. The room that I was in had no air conditioning in it but it wasn’t bad because of the weather and time of year we were there. The creepy part started after being there a couple weeks and I would wake up to cold air on my neck that felt like breathing. That didn’t bother me until one night where I woke up on the floor, nose gushing blood and no idea where I was. I got up walked into the closet thinking it was the bathroom only to figure out it wasn’t. By the time I got to the bathroom my nose was gushing blood and I had to get into the shower to wash it off of me and to make my nose quit bleeding. I remember looking down in the shower and the floor looked like a scene from a horror movie. When I finally got myself cleaned up and made my way back to the room I saw a trail of blood that I had left on the way to the shower . I got back in the room and noticed that when I came off the bed I hit my face on an old wooden chair. That chair was no longer in my room after that because I threw it down the hallway. The creepy part about this is that I don’t move in my sleep and my back was hurting on both sides like someone pushed me with every bit of strength they had. After that night there wasn’t any more occurrences . It was pretty nuts.

If you could be super Heroes or super villains for a day what kind of super powers would you desire to possess?

I’d want to be able to fly and be invisible.

The song Love,Hate,Masquerade made Billboard top 50 play and , among other things, was shared by Nikki Sixx on his website How cool is that, how did it make you guys feel and would you have predicted such success for the song when you recorded it?

I remember the day that Nikki shared us on Facebook and his website. I was getting ready to go to a bar and celebrate my birthday with my friends. I jumped on Facebook to see what was going on and the top of my news feed was Nikki ’s fan page and his Sixxsense sharing our video. My heart was racing and I immediately text all the guys in the band, label and family . We are huge Mötley Crüe fans so it was such an honor. Never have met him but would live to tell him thanks if I ever do. as far as the success of the song, I never knew and was a little worried  since it was our first single. I am really pleased with how well it did.

If you could collaborate with any artist from the past who would it be?

Elvis Presley

As far as other artists you’ve shared the stage with what are some of the most memorable for you?

They are all very memorable but to list a few I’d have to say. Nonpoint, Eye Empire, All That Remains, Stone Sour, Halestorm, Alice in Chains and In This Moment. Also some other very memorable experiences are with bands on their way up like , Prosevere, Sore Eyes, Almost Kings, Throw The Fight, Three Years Hollow, and a ton of other Memphis bands. 

What’s the weirdest thing:
ever happened on tour?

On tour I can’t really say because everyday gets weirder a weirder.
Ever done by a fan?
By a fan I’d say  when we were in Destin Fl and this lady was totally convinced I was on the show Duck Dynasty and would not believe that I wasn’t .
You’ve ever been asked to autograph?
Weirdest thing I’ve autographed is a prosthetic leg that was freshly taken off at our merch booth.

Downtime . If you get any, what do you guys like to do to unwind?

Bass Fishing

Last :
Song you downloaded ?
the one that got away – the Civil Wars

Movie you saw? This is the End

Concert you went to?
Other than shows that we are involved in, the last that one I went to was Florida Georgia Line.

What’s going on with new / current releases and video debuts ?

We released a video on a few months back for “Some Kind of Perfect“. We are currently about to release our third single “Pitiful” to radio very soon.

Within this year alone you will have toured with Non Point, All That Remains, My Darkest Days and others. How’s it been so far and how stoked are you for what lies ahead?

Very stoked , we are getting new offers everyday for great tours. I can’t wait to see what happens.

Last year there was this tweet into space thing that people participated in. If you chose to tweet one of your songs as possible communication to extra terrestrials which one would it be?

I’d probably say “Some Kind of Perfect“.

Do you have any advice for artists just starting out?

Play as many shows as you can. Get your name out there. Become kings of promotion in your city. Facebook events are not enough, get out there, put a flyer on every light pole, go to every bar and hand everyone a flyer. Talk to as many people about your band as you can. Take advice from your peers and most of all, have a great time because if its not fun it’s not worth it.

Tell me something people might not know about Surrender the Fall that you want them to know.

We work hard, we play hard and we want to meet everyone at every show. We love and appreciate everyone that spends there hard earned money to come and watch us work towards living our dream. We are also a very humble band.

Word association ” shovel” what comes to mind first ?

Hard labor

Fast forward 1 year from now. What do you think is going on for Surrender the Fall ?

Touring, new record, awesome show, and a largemouth bass record!

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