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So this band with a crazy name sent me a link to some of their unreleased music… and I liked it…a lot… so here we are with me writing a few words about it and them taking the time to share their thoughts about various things with all of you. Since a band is made up of multiple members, each bringing their own talents and personalities to the equation, it’s only fitting that all of them took part in the interview. I’ve never done an interview by email that involved roughly 24 different emails (you can go count them Wolfgang, haha) but I admire and respect their enthusiasm whether they contributed on every question or just a few.

By: Mary Rhoden

The Review: The debut album for PseudoNympho, via BunnySnot Records, is entitled ‘Eponym’. They are a group of 5 talented musicians based out of the UK. I’m not sure exactly where but you can use the link they provide in the interview to try and locate them if you wish. The visual aesthetics are a motley crew of attractive male beings ranging from metal dude, punk dude, hipster dude, rock dude and hippie dude. They describe their music on SoundCloud as “lefty proto-grunge metal.” I was sent 10 tracks. I’ve heard they are working on other new songs but I don’t know if any of these will be added before its August,2013 release. There is an already released kick ass video for the politically driven, society focused ‘Accident of Birth’ and in the Interview you can read about some behind the scenes moments from filming.

Of the tracks I listened to I will choose ‘Matryoshka’ as my favorite but that definitely isn’t carved in stone. I won’t reveal the names to each track as that’s somewhat of a secret but I listened multiple times and made new discoveries about the same songs each time. There are depths and changes, unexpected melodies and directions, that make it a very interesting and enjoyable album. Vibes range from contemporary, experimental, alternative rock, to retro-metal, with some punk thrown in. Whatever you choose to call it, it works and I will give them a thumbs up. Definitely worth a listen or two. You might even find your new favorite song. You can pre-order the new album at this link

The Interview:

Who is PseudoNympho?

According to Wolfgang: We are Don Demrow – the best drummer in the fucking world!! Ben Marsden – un-fucking-real guitarist!! He can do things with a guitar that I can’t even pretend to!! Also has backing vocals so loud he doesn’t even need a mic!! Sam Evans – Plays guitar like Van Gough used brush stokes. The man is a fucking ARTIST of musical textures!! Rio Gold hammer – Our bassist, alternate vocalist, & the man is hung like a horse!! Wolfgang Bailey – Resident angry man. Also, I guess I think I’m a pretty good singer, but it’s not really my place to say if I am or not.

According to Don: We are, you silly psychopath!

According to Sam: Me and my friends that share a passion for making noise.

According to Rio: We are… It’s lovely to meet you.

Where is home base?

Ben: Next to the big Morrisons, opposite Pc World.

Sam: Store locator. To find Homebase near you, simply search by postcode or select a store from the drop down menu and click on the “Find store” button.

Rio: It spans the 36 Bus route from Leeds to Ripon.

Don: I deleted Don’s answer (haha)

I think they misunderstood this question. The real answer is apparently somewhere in the UK most closely resembling Rio’s answer.

Describe your own music.

Wolfgang: Kind of straddling the canyon between Grunge and Prog, and losing stability causing us to regularly wobble all over in the direction of rock & metal. And it’s often just as self-indulgent and pretentious as that analogy would suggest ;-) This is the part where A lot of bands seem to be self-consciously over-modest, but we have a pretty strict quality control policy when it comes to writing. If we wouldn’t listen to it out of choice had another band released it, we drop it and move on to something else.

Don: Post-Pre-Bullshit-Mad At Yer Dad-Metal-Grunge-Prog…Core.

Sam: Loud and relentless but with texture and nuance to compliment it

Rio: It’s got 3 guitars and a bass playing at the same time- often different things and sometimes the same. There are also drums, and some words that we made up (but that existed already individually)

Ben: Fucking awesome. Somewhere between grunge and prog.

Describe yourselves.

As Wolfgang sees it: Ben – Joker, snack enthusiast, always bouncing and being fun. Rio – So laid back we occasionally have to check he isn’t dead, except when he hasn’t had a cigarette for an hour or so, then it’s like being with a neurotic, bi-polar animal in a cage it doesn’t want to be in… Luckily the longest he ever goes without smoking is however long we’re on stage for. Don – Our crazy American drummer. He’s like a really horny, less hairy version of “animal” from the muppets. The man is an inexhaustible ball of energy and enthusiasm. You could power a small country for a year with the energy that man puts into living for a couple of hours. Sam – Sam is the most naturally intelligent person I have ever met in my life. He’s also the nicest man on the planet. And very few people are even nearly as fun to spend time with!! Maybe I should marry Sam… It’s legal here now.

As Don sees it: So a Jew a Yank and a reet snack eating Bastard, meet up with a Blades-wielding, bearded Ewan McGregor look-alike  and Buddha… Metal and hilarity ensues…Drink, Think, Fight, Fuck, Love. We’re Renaissance men.

As Sam Sees it: er.. obviously we’re all lovely blokes.

As Rio Sees it: I like to say things, but then Wolfgang disagrees, then Ben says something, Sam stays mostly quiet, and then Don says something else.

What’s the story behind the name?

Wolfgang: We get asked this quite a lot… the truth is… not much.

A couple of months before we recruited Ben and Don, the rest of us were in a different band, but we decided to change direction and change the name. PseudoNympho came almost out of nowhere. Nowhere interesting anyway. There is a real story but we’ll keep that to ourselves to spare you the trouble of reading something boring.

Don: Hyper sexuality plus a good understanding of the English language…You figure it out.

Sam: I don’t know, I think it’s a play on words?

Rio: Well, we’re all mates and we’re in a band together… so y’know…

Describe the first 6 months in the life of PseudoNympho. What’s different about you guys today and what do you feel has been the single most defining moment in the life of the band?

Wolfgang: As I said, me and Sam and Rio were in a different band before. We decided that we’d grown up a lot since we were teenagers and decided that we wanted to be in a hair metal band, and we should start making music we actually liked that reflected who we were as people. We stuck with the same drummer and lead guitarist for a bit, but other commitments on the drummers part, and internal friction between me and the then lead guitarist (now resolved, we’re friends again) caused him to quit after an argument at a gig. Then we recruited Don on drums, and a month or so later, Ben on guitar. It all clicked really fast after that. Now we’re the strongest line-up of musicians and creative song-writers I have ever been a part of.

Don: Today, We’re better than yesterday. The first six months weren’t as good as the last. No single moment defines anything, baby.

Sam: As with previous answers it is hard to define a first period. It’s really been one long feet finding exercise, trying to cast our musical net in every direction we can think of with varying degrees of success. I suppose the most defining moment of the band (so far) would be finally having this album finished.

Rio: The first six months of PseudoNympho were like the first six months of writing a book – mostly notes and ideas that are outgrown quickly, then scribbled out, but ultimately learned from. When Sam, Wolfy and I were kids, we wrote second-rate punk songs strewn with lipstick and self-harm… these things are part of a rich tapestry of what makes people who they are, but I don’t think PseudoNympho was born until Don and Ben came along, and even then we were finding our feet for a while.
I think that we’re in a fortunate position where everything we do is our defining moment. We have a great album that we’re proud of, a great video, and our own label. We have a freedom and optimism, grounded in years of work on the underground, that formed who we are as people and as artists… That’s how we’re different today.

Ben: I wasn’t there. But we’re probably better now due to the addition of me and Don ;)

Some bands shy away from political activism. PseudoNympho doesn’t. What’s feeding your passion?

Wolfgang: The world is an unfair place. Unregulated capitalism is a rot, festering away at anything left that was good about humanity and eating the planet as though it owed some rich guy not just a living, but obnoxious wealth. Injustice is everywhere. I’ve always been politically minded, ever since I was a young teenager of 13 or 14 and I started noticing how unevenly the scales are tipped in favour of the rich, especially those born into disgusting wealth, and against those who have to try disproportionately hard for the most meager excuse for a standard of living. Sam has a degree in politics too, & Rio has a Masters in political theory, so between my uncontrollably vitriolic rage & their actual knowledge we’re pretty well equipped to tackle politics in our music.

Don: The genuine Love of truth searching for the genuine Love and truth of the genuine searching for love and truth of the genuine search for love and truth, ad nauseam.

Sam: Obviously, I can’t speak for everyone but I’ve been politically interested and aware for many years and it’s something that has informed and influenced every aspect of my life, not just Pseudo. There’s a lot of obvious injustice and inequality in the world and if that can inform our art and if that in turn can help, then that’s great. I think we’d struggle to sing about getting dumped or drinking beer with any real sincerity   Also, a lot of the bands that I really connected with as a teenager had a political element to their work (RATM, Manics, Radiohead), this was definitely encouraging and pushed me in the right (left) direction.

Rio: Art is inspired by personal experience and emotional events, and in turn, it inspires you to reflect outwardly on your own experiences and to make new ones. Political disaffection and failure has resulted in an apathy towards political participation, and therefore allows continued failure to go unchallenged. If the planet was free from poverty, greed, and war, then we would probably be trying to make people question reality… but it isn’t, so reality is the most potent inspiration there is. There are songs on the album that are more inwardly personal than political, but politics – the power structures that govern life and death (and parking, and probably the weather) – should never be ignored or seen as irrelevant. Perhaps we won’t change the world, but if we’re loud enough then someone may hear us that can…

Who writes the music and lyrics? Music?

Wolfgang: We all write the stuff together. Everyone writes their own parts.

Usually, one of us will bring a song to the table pretty much complete. We’ll all learn it the way it was written, and then if we think a part needs changing we’ll say so and we’ll decide as a band if it works or not. Then eventually we all peel off with our own parts that mean all 3 of us are playing slightly different things, but that are entirely complimentary to the finished piece. Most of the album is songs I had almost ready for ages, that I brought to the table & were transformed from something just better than average to something magical by the input of the other guys!! But there are Songs from all of us on there.

Lyrics is predominantly Me & Rio, but Sam chips in from time to time, and Don says he has plenty of bits to contribute if we ever need it too.

Don: We do, You psychopath!

Rio: We tend to write music individually and bring it to the table – rarely does it come out sounding the same. Wolfy and I tend to write the words, with Sam when he fancies it, and Don and Ben are much more music-orientated. That doesn’t rule any other combination out though… we all do different bits of different songs and always will.

If you could go back in time and play live on stage with any artist/artists, living or dead, who would you choose?

Wolfgang: Dimebag. Next question.

Don: Only the best.

Sam: Public enemy?

Rio: Manics

Ben: You mean as part of the band? Or on the same bill? If it’s part of the band then Guns N Roses, before Izzy left, but still in a stadium haha. If its on the same bill then Monsters Of Rock ’94! Aerosmith, Pantera, The Wildhearts, Terrorvision!! YEAH!

Describe what a typical day shooting the Accident of Birth video was like.

Wolfgang: Uncomfortable… Flour gets fucking EVERYWHERE!!!!

Don: Ha ha! Really, really Good, actually, thank You for asking… except for Wolfgang. We all had fun. I actually PLAYED My drums; none o’ that miming crap for Me…We all enjoyed that silly experience…except Wolfgang.

Sam: Miming is weird and uncomfortable, but the day was a reet laugh.

Rio: Well, as it took place over just one day, I’d say everything about it was typical… We went to Huddersfield and met up with the Gentleman Ash Pears, from Ash-TV. We jumped around like idiots and mimed to a demo of our own song… and Ash made it look like we were making a good point with whatever it was we were doing. After that, we got a snack (sandwiches and milkshake if memory serves correct), covered Wolfgang in flour and tried to make it look arty, then got some pictures taken by Ewan Cawood – another talented individual.

Want to talk about Christians Against Slipknot?

Wolfgang: I’ve seen that… I definitely feel it’s a fake group. Maybe some internet trolls… or maybe some real trolls, like the ones that live under bridges scaring goats. Alternatively, if it’s real… wow. I don’t have much time or respect for religion at the best of times, but crikey they’re stupid! I’m still inclined to believe the former though.

Don: Yeah, I really do. Just remind Me, what does their God say about compassion and understanding again? Oh, never mind, He’s probably smiting a whole nation because they used the phone on a Saturday. Tee-hee.

Sam: I don’t know who they are but they’re entitled to believe whatever they like I suppose, as long as they don’t hurt anyone.

Rio: If you like. I suppose if Slipknot inspire the potential for people to be comfortable in their own skin, and that maybe there are people out there that understand and love them for who they are, then Christians have every right to be angry. It’s really undermining them…

What music do you listen to for your own pleasure and who do you listen to that might surprise me?

Wolfgang: What I do for pleasure is nobody’s business but mine and my girlfriends ;-) !!Seriously, I’m a big fan of football (soccer… but it’s really football, and it came first so it wins). I’m an ever suffering Sheffield United fan. As for music, I have a really diverse taste in music. I like everything from Tom Waits to Pantera. Neil Young to Slipknot. But I do tend to gravitate towards prog, grunge, rock & metal really. Tool, Faith No More (in fact, just anything Mike Patton does. The man is an absolute GOD!) Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Porcupine Tree, The Wildhearts, Stone Temple Pilots, Mastodon, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Guns N Roses, Karnivool, Rage Against The Machine, Queens of the Stone Age etc.

Don: Only the best; anything pre-1900, when music was pure, Yo!

Sam: Having a Neil Young phase at the moment. I like all kinds of music really. That might surprise you? Bright eyes, 65dayofstatic, Mogwai? not very metal really.

Rio: A lot! Er, ok… let’s have a look at my CD collection: Manics, Wildhearts, Beach Boys, The Cure, Eureka Machines, Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Cooper Temple Clause, Pantera, Motorhead, Radiohead, Public Enemy… from what I can pick out. Does any of that surprise you?

Ben: The Wildhearts/everything Ginger related, Cardiacs, Zeppelin, Mastodon, Devin Townsend.

If you could be any super hero or fictional character for a day who would you be and why?

Wolfgang: An Honest Politician

Don: NO.

Sam: Doctor Who

Rio: Will Smith, and because Will Smith.

Word association “Down” What’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Wolfgang: Opening track from the album No.4 by Stone Temple Pilots

Don: “Do Not, Look Down!”…and Phil Anselmo.

Sam: Get.

Rio: Fuckin’ A

Ben: Phil Anselmo

Favorite movie, food, place to hang out, source of inspiration, T-shirt you’ve ever owned?

Wolfgang: I am a big movie enthusiast, but I tend to avoid the Hollywood blockbusters if I can. Except superhero movies and the odd sci-fi(but I don’t like star wars. Bring on the hate. I can take it). I really like The Machinist, & Downfall, the German language film about the last few days of Adolf Hitler’s life. My favourite food changes all the time, but I have a really unhealthy fondness for chocolate. My favourite source of inspiration… I don’t have one. I get inspired when I get moved to write. At the moment it tends to be the evils and hypocrisy of capitalism, governments and religion that inspire me to write. I have owned more t-shirts than Rio has lived minutes without having a cigarette.

Don: All of the above.

Sam: Fight club, Mexican, in the sun, music and my favourite t-shirt has pianos dueling.

Rio: Life is Beautiful, Curry, Sunshine, Misery, Dinosaur Jr.

Ben: Movie? I’m gonna be a dick and say Wayne’s World. Food? Snacks. Place to hang out? Definitely the pub… Source of inspiration? Music ;) Favourite Tshirt is probably the ‘Never Mind The Headliners, Here’s The Wildhearts’ tshirt ;)

Describe the best day in the life of PseudoNympho. Describe the worst day in the life of PseudoNympho?

Wolfgang: On the best days… We get a great review, we play a gig to a full crowd who totally get us with great sound, & a promoter who works hard to ensure success for everyone and really has a passion for music that goes beyond being able to make money from ticket sales. Then we can all go somewhere to get suitably refreshed(fall-down drunk) & wake up regretting every decision from the moment we leave the stage. On the worst days… We get to a gig where the promoter hasn’t done their job properly at all, we end up playing a half-hour set to a couple of guys from the other bands and one of their girlfriends, the sound guy doesn’t know what he’s doing, and then the promoter disappears before we finish so he doesn’t have to pay us. Both of those things have happened for real.

Don: It’s important to understand, that this band is an amalgamation of five totally different divine intergalactic immortal beings, so time is irrelevant to what We refer to as “Us”. “Us” is, unbeknownst to many, as mush as “You” or “I”…Although We reside within these bio-mechanical, organic shadow-like shells, these vehicles of Ours that allows “Us” to transport Ourselves through time and space, I’ll say every gig We play for Both.

Sam: They’re all best days! with the odd exceptions obviously. We did a gig at a pub in Hunslet once and it was scary, that was the worst day..

Rio: Football, Curry, Gig, Beer, Sex – No curry, no gig, no beer, no sex.

Favorite stage moment? Weirdest stage moment?

Wolfgang: Best stage moment with the band is every time we don’t just nail it (that’s standard fare), but we’re all so in sync with each other that our every move feels perfect. Worst stage moment… we played one gig where just before we went on, both my amp and Sam’s amp blew up. That was pretty shit.

Don: Gettin’ My dick and balls out whilst wearing ladies tights, with no underwear underneath.

Sam: I like it when I look over and everyone else is being silly on stage. Can’t think of a specific moment but it’s always great to see other people enjoying it.

Rio: One time we did a guest slot at an all-female fronted festival in aid of breast cancer research… we were the only all-male band on and we played in drag, and it was a great gig, even though I had my arm in a cast from a drunken misadventure, so had to tape a jazz pick to my thumb in order to play bass. This is my answer to both

Ben: Personal favourite stage moment was being on stage playing Vanilla Radio with Ginger WildHeart. Weirdest moment was probably being so drunk that Wolfgang basically had to re-teach me the song on stage. Good times!

If you could change anything about the music industry what would be at the top of the list?

Wolfgang: Everything feels contrived in music at the moment. It’s all image based. It’s all about having an unrealistically good looking singer, and working out or being super thin, and having whatever the ridiculous looking fashionable haircut of this particular fad is. There’s a real lack of honesty in music these days, and I feel that comes from the major labels and pushes down. The underground and grassroots is pretty much the only place left where there’s any honesty left in music. The major labels want to market a product. They don’t care who’s got the most creative/original ideas, or who is the best at what they do. They only care about how much money THEY can make from a band. That’s why there are so many flash in the pan type zeitgeist bands these days who go from nothing, to global mega-stars, back to nothing in the space of 5 years.

Don: What Sam said.

Sam: Destroy it, every last bit of it and then start again

Rio: Make Simon Cowell illegal

What’s going on with touring and/or live shows?

Wolfgang: We have an upcoming UK tour. We aren’t currently in a position to confirm any of the dates yet except one. We’re playing our Album Launch Party in our hometown of Leeds, at a bar called Santiago on August the 12th, the day the album comes out :-)

Don: They’re going. The future looks busy…damn future, always WANTS something, doesn’t it? Eh, We’re givers.

Rio: Touring the UK from the end of July. Full details will be appearing on as they are ironed out.

Have a message for your fans or critics?

Wolfgang: Fans – Thank you. You have seen past our lack of cooperation with any of the image based trends in music and connected with something that transcends any packaging(that’s all image is in music). You have seen what we do and understood it. Thank you so much. You are a good person! Critics – Tell us what you think is wrong with us & we will listen (but don’t expect us to change based on what you say… our music is ours, you either like it or you don’t and we won’t pander to you). Either you’ll have a genuine reason for not liking us, in which case we’ll say that’s fine & allow you to have your opinion in peace…Or you’ll say something like we aren’t fashionable enough, our image is wrong, or our last video wasn’t expensive enough, and we will eloquently explain to you in polite but patronizing terms, using words you don’t understand, why you’re wrong, and everything you think you know is horse-shit.

Don: Yes.

Sam: Thank you.

Rio: Supporters: Thank you. You’re all fucking heroes. Critics: It’s not for you. Why don’t you go away now…

Fast forward one year. What do you think/hope will be going on for you guys?

Wolfgang: Touring the world on our flash in the pan arena tour, developing substance addictions. We will have a stylist making us look like whatever is the current “alt” fashion, and we will be putting our name in as many McDonald’s adverts & on as many coke bottles as possible, so that in a year, when we are no longer of use to Simon Cowell (or whichever other cunt is running our major label) because we aren’t trendy enough for them, we can all spend millions killing ourselves slowly.

Don: We want to spread Our Love all over everyone’s ear-holes, as much as absolutely possible. Right on the face, Ya know?… then urge it into their body cavities, nestling nicely within their heart chambers forever, whilst regurgitating golden rainbow bliss out of their skulls, in a never-ending arc of pure light that ends up destroying their own assholes…with Love. Yup. As long as that gets done, I don’t care how We do it. ”Life is short and the Art long” :-D

Sam: The same but more of it please? I’d quite like to quit my job.

Rio: The same, but with a new album and bigger shows.

Ben: World domination. We’ll be filthy rich and all hate each other. But we’ll still make a better album than that new Aerosmith one…

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