OWL CD Release Party Show Review April 12, 2013

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April 12, 2013

OWL CD Release Party Show Review

The Roxy Theatre

By: Shauna O’Donnell

Unfortunately I did not make it in time to see all of the night’s acts, but I did get to see Owl’s entire set. In case you are not familiar with the band, it is Chris Wyse’s project. We all know Chris for playing bass in The Cult. He is joined by Dan Dinsmore and Jason Achilles on stage. The band came out with a bang playing their newly released single “The Right Thing.” A captivated audience watched as strobe lights danced around the stage. The vibe in the room was fun, full of energy and everyone seemed to be fully engaged as the band played. It was the band’s CD release party and I’m happy to report it was a full house.

Owl played a total of seven songs with the third song being “Pusher.” Chris Wyse displayed his unique style by playing his stand up bass on that song. Next the band played a cover of The Kinks “Destroyer.”Although every song is incredible and performed to perfection, the highlight of the night for me was when they performed the song “Give.” Owl finished the show with the song “Violent Center” leaving all of us wanting more, because in all honesty the set was way too short. Overall, it was an incredible performance by Owl and I hope that the band does more shows in the area. I highly recommend getting out to see the band play live if they come to a venue near you.

Set List

The Right Thing






Violent Center

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