“You, Me, And The Rest Of The World” by You Knew Me When, CD Review

October 21, 2012 by: Shauna O'Donnell
“You, Me, And The Rest Of The World” by You Knew Me When, CD Review
By: Matty
You Knew Me When, out of Nashville, Tennessee, is:
Karisa Hoover:  vocals, piano, ukulele, glockenspiel
Cie Hoover: vocals, guitar
John Toomey: studio drums
Karl Bergman: studio bass
Tim Hall: studio bass
Where to find You Knew Me When:
www.facebook.com/youknewmewhen “like” them on Facebook
www.twitter.com/youknewmewhen “follow” them on Twitter
You Knew Me When is riding a significant wave of momentum.  Via Pledge Music, their loyal and growing fanbase helped provide a majority of the funding for their upcoming release entitled “You, Me, And The Rest Of The World”, and they have also completed a successful showcase at the internationally acclaimed “Indie Week”, by providing a couple of performances at The Cameron House in Toronto.  This isn’t to mention receiving television placement contracts with the Discovery Channel, the Oprah Winfrey Network, amongst other channels.  They are taking their momentum and unleashing a harmonious barrage to the masses with their latest offering entitled “You,Me, And The Rest Of The World”, which will be released on November 20th via What If I Had Entertainment.
The record starts off with “Slow Down”.  The guitar arrangement is memorable and Cie incorporates a haunting, yet a voice pleading with the listener to “slow down”.  This song is a wonderful arrangement that almost demands the listener to “slow down” and to take the time to smell the roses.  The mentality of the brooding track “Slow Down” crashes into the second track, which is entitled “Tick Tock”.
“Tick Tock” just has that lush, jazz fusion influenced piano jazz beat.  The drumming work that John Toomey and the bass work that Karl Bergman and Tim Hall offer, enhances the You Knew Me When experience.  Notice that I use the word “experience”.  Every song conveys a unique emotion and Karisa and Cie do an outstanding job of using the vocals as an instrument to their music.  “Tick Tock” is influenced by Ingrid Michaelson with a touch of Norah Jones thrown in there.  “Lucky Me” is that wonderful wedding song.
“Lucky Me” causes the listener to capture the vision that Karisa and Cie have laid out in this song by stating how fortunate and lucky they are to have found each other.  I immediately was drawn to this song by Karisa’s soulful and sweet sounding voice, with Cie being able to effortlessly blend in his own vocal style in his voice.  This is a track that the elderly couple will have in the background as they are on the porch watching life go by as they hold hands, or two children picking flowers and sharing that innocent kiss.  The next song, “Hold The Door” shows a sense of boldness in Cie’s vocals as well, with seemingly drawing influences ranging from The Decembrists to John Lennon to Harry Chapin.  The record as a whole offers incredible and thoughtful arrangements no matter what instrument is currently being used, with haunting, and beautiful vocal arrangements, as ESPECIALLY displayed in “To Be Anything”.
This duo incorporates their own personal things in this record.  You can tell that they are feeling what they write, whether its that unabashed love that they have for one another in “Lucky Me”, the challenge of taking that next step in their collective careers in “Hold The Door”, or a sense of attempting to find their place in this world in “To Be Anything”.  You Knew Me When has written a record that could potentially be the next big thing to the masses, just like what The Civil Wars did and what The Avett Brothers are currently doing.  There is a hunger among the masses to find music in its most authentic and purest form and You Knew Me When are sure to satisfy that hunger for as long as they want to.  On November 20th, 2012, I plead with you to pick up “You, Me, And The Rest of The World” by You Knew Me When, this review simply doesn’t do it justice.  Just see for yourself when the time comes.
Matty’s Fave Five:
1.  “To Be Anything”- The vocal arrangements by Cie and Karisa are simply impeccable, with a lovely sorrowful piano arrangement on display!
2.  “Slow Down”- This track sets the tone for the rest of the record.  Cie provides a memorable guitar riff in this one.
3.  “Isn’t It Funny”- You get to witness the introspective side to this record.
4.  “Hold The Door”-  Cie sounds powerful in the vocal arrangements in this song.
5.  “Lucky Me”- The catchy side of You Knew Me When, a beautiful love song that sound innocent and classy.
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