PSYCHOTHERMIA “Slash & Burn” CD Review By: Macavity

September 19, 2012 by: Shauna O'Donnell


“Slash & Burn”

By: Macavity

Psychothermia is not new to music or to touring and making a name for themselves but therein lies a problem. A name. They were know as Canobliss until earlier this year and sometimes a name change makes you look at your music differently too. They did and ramped it up to a few notches better than previous EP’s. “Slash & Burn” is six tunes that are filled with music that will melt your face off as they promise! They are the real deal and with this new name have come together to make the music even better.
Their hard rock is just that, pure hard rock with melodic songs that that have the best riffs and pounding drums and a bassline that will make your ears burn and vocals that clearly and adroitly get across complex lyrics in a perfect match to the instruments.

Such is the case with “Anarchy” that is some of the best hard rock to come out in a while and yet is commercial enough to appeal to outlets that want a signature rockin’ song to brand recognize their products. “Anarchy” is not the only song to accomplish that feat and do not be surprised to hear more songs associated with cool products and projects. The title track stands out for mixing their signature hard rock with a slower tempo that emphasizes their outstanding talents individually. The slower song gives the listener the chance to hear how well the vocals play off the percussion and also how impeccable their guitar work is. “All The Diamonds” does the same thing and really highlights great old skool shredding and hard rock sounds in every note. Do not think that these slower songs are their only strength. Their strength lies in the ability to take a song and no matter the tempo or subject matter the lyrics they make it a great tune to listen and rock out to.

You may not recognize the name but you will recognize the sound. This EP is front to back stellar and complete. It shows what the band’s range of talent is exceptionally well. You will be hearing a lot more from them so keep up by getting this EP and watching for their next offering and touring. You won’t forget their sound once you have heard it!

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