LEANDER RISING “Heart Tamer” CD Review By: Macavity

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“Heart Tamer”

By: Macavity

Often times in the states you hear a saying of “Another country heard from” and this is a band from a country that many are not used to hearing metal music from. Leander Rising breaks open the world with this debut album of hard driving, melodic, well written and impeccably performed metal/hard rock straight from Hungary. The band combines elements of Scandinavian theatrical sounds and the U.K. edgy sounds with their own personal influences to create a sound that is individually theirs and quite frankly GREAT!

The band mixes amazing vocals with screams and guitars that shred to perfection! They mix up intricate and almost delicate keys with these heavier elements within most of their songs. They also mix melodic strong vocals stunningly well with hard edge heavy singing that all just seems to come together in the very best way. Jeff Loomis (ex Nevermore) adds some extra shreds and some extra punch to “Six Feet Under” and makes it yet another standout track. “My Spring, My Storm” is a standout of what the range of the band can do with their exceptional writing and musicianship.
The title track is another excellent example of how they fuse all their talents to make for a unique and captivating tune. “Gloomy Sunday” and “The Devil’s Diary” are other tracks that draw you in with amazing guitar work and keys and then grab you by the neck to make you headbang to their music! Just when you think that is all they have to offer in the song they craftily place melodic edgy rock and accompanying music to get across the emphasis and meaning of their articulate and powerful lyrics. There is a cover on here that is worth mentioning because it is not at all a song most metal bands would even consider covering but they make it work and own it! Check out “Bad Romance” for yourself. You will see it really could have been done by a metal band and they show it should have!

This may be the debut album of the band but this won’t be the last we hear of Leander Rising. They are a fresh new version of metal that draws you in to hear what twist and turn they place next in their music. It is worth a mention that they utilized one of the best mix masters for their genre in Jens Bogren. He “got” their sound and made the best of it even better! If you call yourself a fan of metal then you have to have this album in its entirety. Make sure you buy the disc because with this amazing artwork you won’t want to miss the entire package of what the band is trying to get across to fans. Every track is one that grabs you and draws you in to listen to the next.


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