Winchester Rebels Three Sheets To The Wind CD Review

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Winchester Rebels Three Sheets To The Wind CD Review

By: Matty

The 1990s were an era of music where grunge stood as the proverbial king of the mountain in terms of music genres.  Kurt Cobain and his band brought Nirvana to the masses, which were heavily influenced by The Beatles.  The Seattle movement ushered in bands such as Mudhoney, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, and Alice In Chains.  Also, bands such as Stone Temple Pilots, Meat Puppets, and The Smashing Pumpkins brought in the second wave of the grunge movement.  Hair metal, thrash metal, took a backseat to grunge during this time.  Out of Santa Barbara, California comes a five-piece post-grunge quintet called “Winchester Rebels”.
Winchester Rebels are comprised of Nick Hunt(vocals), Nick Fitzgerald(guitars), James Longoria(guitars), John Livergood(bass), and Barry Carter(drums).  Their critically acclaimed album entitled “Three Sheets to the Wind” has received nominations from the Los Angeles Music Awards and has received praise from The Santa Barbara Independent and the Green Music Scene website.
“Three Sheets to the Wind” starts with a straight forward track entitled “Private Angel”.  The track is a straight-forward rocker that sounds like Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains, and Shinedown all rolled into one.  Nick Hunt’s vocals are heavily influenced by Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots/Velvet Revolver with the harmonious capabilities of Layne Staley of Alice In Chains.  I was immediately impressed with the rock range that Nick Hunt provides in his vocals.  The guitars clash like thunder in the night sky while the rhythm section compliments one another perfectly.  This track is a brooding yet rocking track that’s pleading with the listener that being “the private angel” will take away the hurt and the sorrows that this world can offer.  “Snake” follows up after “Private Angel”.
“Snake” seems to allow the listener to delve into the personal history of the songwriter in this band with a storytelling style of lyrics.  It seems to have an “I told you so” mentality that a parent would say to their child when the child feels that they have everything figured out in this life, and the parent watches the child fall.  “Felt hypnotized, soaking up the words that my mother told me, she spoke her mind to a fault”, sings Nick Hunt in a hauntingly chill voice.  This is by far the standout track on “Three Sheets to the Wind”.  The instrumental break that builds to a solid guitar solo speaks volumes for myself.
“Loaded Gun” needs to be the theme song for any organization that is strong about suicide prevention.  It provides a strong sense of hope and encouragement to the listener.  The songwriter pleads with the listener that you are never alone in this life and someone or a higher power is there to help guide you through the trials and tribulations of life.  From a message standpoint, I love this song.  This song reminds myself that music is a healer and the intention of music is to allow you to cast your worries and troubles aside for a few minutes while the music calms your troubled heart and soul down.
If one is looking for a straight-up no-frills rock album, then Winchester Rebels is the band for you.  This band delivers strongly from a message standpoint and from a musicianship standpoint.  I suggest going to I-Tunes, Reverb Nation or CdBaby, then get yourself a surround sound system and jam this album!  Your neighbors will dig it too!
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